Rights to ESL Curriculum

We are a content provider looking to obtain the rights of an ESL curriculum. This could be something you created/published. Or, any suggestions as to where to search would be appreciated.

The curriculum itself should be comprehensive with an approach suitable for young learners aged 5-14 with a focus towards the beginner-intermediate level. Electronic format of the curriculum is preferable.

We would like to hear from you so that we can discuss details, including your terms and compensation.

perejma wrote [quote]We are a content provider [/quote]
Do you have a name? An address? What does “content provider” mean exactly?

There are tons of English teachers out there who I’m sure have built up a nice library of custom materials over the years.

I taught English for a few years and developed loads of stuff. I still have most of it on file and could easily customize it to suit your needs.

And I don’t even teach anymore.

My point is that if you’re looking for ESL content, there is loads of custom stuff out there that I’m sure hundreds of teachers would be happy to sell the rights to.

Almas john’s question is good.