RIP Nancy Reagan

Though in his first term she seemed to be angling for the role of Marie Antoinette, or at least Mary Todd Lincoln, she deserves praise for keeping things together in the second term, when Reagan was visibly slipping into mental decrepitude.

Especially for prevailing on him to take Gorbachev seriously, against the advice of the hawks who were convinced it was all some devilish Commie plot. Remember Gingrich proclaiming Reykjavik as another Munich, with Gorbachev as Hitler and Reagan as Neville Chamberlain?

Probably in the second term, the most powerful First Lady ever, even more so than Eleanor Roosevelt in FDR’s third term.

I do not recall (her).

My impression of her involves astrologers and “Just Say No”.

Yeah, maybe her astrologer is the unsung hero here- he apparently told her he’d looked into Gorbachev’s celestial charts and found out he was a good man, and Ronnie should trust him.

Is that so?

Maybe what America needs now is more gullible, superstitious presidents :wink:

I honestly don’t remember much about Nancy R either, apart from that “just say no” thing. I was of that impressionable age where adults were saying such things to me.

Oh, and I remember her and Raisa Gorbachev having a kind of a fashion rivalry, as well as an uneasy relationship described by the press as “catty”.

Strong, powerful, dedicated, determined and elegant. A great American. She defined the age as no other first lady in recent memory excepting Jackie Kennedy.

no idea about drugs and their use. “Just say no” was trite and glib and meaningless, and completely incorrect. Nancy really would have benefitted from a good line and a good rogering

Lord, does Hillary suck at this “campaigning” thingy.

You make a speech at Nancy Reagan’s funeral; you praise her in vague terms for being classy; you compliment her work on Alzheimer’s. You don’t praise her for her or Ronnie for their determined effort to ignore AIDS when you should know every LBGT organisation and sympathizer in the country is going to be righteously outraged over it.

I don’t think that I would ever describe Hillary as “not getting this campaigny thing.” Perhaps, she is thinking of the general election now that she is rapidly moving to clinch the primaries and she is reaching out to the 30% of Republicans like me who plan to vote for her. Just a thought… Not planning? Not strategizing? Not planning multiple moves in advance? Are we talking about the same candidate? Think about it.

Ummmm…maybe. She’s definitely smart not to follow the BernieBros down the Yellow Brick Road, but I thing this one was an unforced error. Maybe it’s that she apologised for it- twice. It especially offended gays and their supporters who were around in the 80s, which is a pretty influential group in Democratic politics.

As I say, say something nice about Nancy’s work for Alzheimer’s, but the AIDS thing was just bad.

Best photo from Nancy Reagan’s funeral…

…and no doubt the most ominous.

When its down to Trump vs Clinton, as it will be. I think Clinton is the lesser of the two evils.

Clinton just wants more cash to feed her greed. Trump wants to feed his insatiable EGO. Lord knows what kind of shit that guy is going to get us into. Other people with insatiable egos include NAPOLEON, ATTILA THE HUN, HITLER , MUSSOLINI, HIROHITO. The list is LONG…most of them up to NO GOOD.