Rip Offs

Went in to Blockbuster today, saw a cheapy DVD of a 1998 film called The Break Up:

I couldn’t help but notice the similarity to Panic Room:

Were they hoping that someone would buy it thinking it was something else ?

Reminds of that ‘Superior Beer’ that was in a very similar blue stripey can to Taiwan Beer.

Anyone know any other examples of trying to fob something off as something famous and hoping no-one would notice ?

There’s also “Wild Things” (Matt Dillon) and some Hong Kong film that has a cover that looks very similar.

It isn’t just Taiwan – I remember when “Fatal Attraction” came out in the US and was such a hyped up movie, a video store in my town advertised it had “Fatal Attraction”, an unrelated straight-to-video film that came out a few years earlier.

Glad you asked. Right now there’s a local knock-off version of A1 Steak Sauce that’s sold in the same size and shape of bottle, and the font and layout of the text on the label is similar. The only way to tell the two apart is that the knock-off also has Chinese on the label. And of course, the taste is for shit.

Here’s the real cover, if it’s the same movie: … 99,00.html

That’s the one I meant. I might even rent it with that cover. But the cover in Taiwan says “This film is so crap, we have to copy someone else”