Ripley's Game

Have anyone seen this movie?? Can you share your view about it, worth watching? How come it only plays at 2 movie theaters??


  • MiakaW

That it’s only playing at two theaters is probably an indication of it’s quality.

Sounds pretty good.

Not neccessarily. Probably more an indicator of marketability in the Taiwan market. Actually, playing at just two theaters in Taipei is probably a contra-indicator of it’s quality. It could be a really good film, just not a big budget Hollywood action clunker.

I haven’t seen this film and know nothing about it. If MiakaW is keen on seeing it she should do a quick google for reviews.

MiakaW, let us know if you see it and what you thought of it if you do actually decide to go.

Petty thief,

You missed my point entirely.

Dougray Scott and John Malcovich? It’ll have to be a pretty dire script for this one to stink. The fact that its only playing in two local theaters means its probably an excellent film. The Hulk, for example, is playing all over, as is Bruce Almighty, which I wasted two hours of my life over on Saturday.

Is this movie plaing in Taipei now (ripley’s game).
Which two movie theatres?
I looked in the trusty TT, but no mention of it.

I didn’t like the Talented Mr. Ripley so probably wouldn’t care for this one however good it may be. Why do we have to make heros out of criminals? Even fictional ones.

I thought the first Ripley was superb. Did you think that Ripley was a hero? I thought he was truly obnoxious.

Besides i used to buy my ice-cream off A. Minghella’s dad when i was growing up.

You’re probably right, I don’t remember too much of the film except that I didn’t care for it, but I know a lot of people liked it.

Ripley is far from being a hero. He’s depicted pretty much as a scumbag. I don’t really know why I liked it – its not the kind of thing I generally go for – but there was just something about the whole vibe that I enjoyed.
Of course, as a devilishly handsome, talented and wealthy playboy myself, forever beset by fawning sycophants (you all know who you are), I found I indentified strongly with the Dicky character in the first film.
I’m really looking forward to Ripley’s Game. Hope it comes out on DVD soon.

I didn’t much care for the film either, but I did enjoy “travelling” around Italy. Ditto for Hannibal.

BUT, where is it playing???

One of the theater is the Living Mall (Cinemax) and the other one is the same, but different location.

Thanks MiakaW! I hope to sneak out today for a lunch time movie break :slight_smile:

[quote=“sandman”]I don’t really know why I liked it [/quote]Admit it, it was Matt Damon’s arse (or was it someone elses?)


Take me with you okay?? :wink: I wanna go too!!! Hopefully this movie will last longer than we expected.

  • MiakaW

Matt Damon’s acting in the Talented Mr. Ripley was not his best. His look of surprise/discovery :shock: was exactly the way my dog looked when I caught him doing something he wasn’t supposed to do.

Matt Damon sets my teeth on edge in everything I’ve seen him in. As far as arses go, Gwynnie’s is much nicer, Jude Law is a way better actor, but its that red-haired guy who is actually my favourite – the one who played Lester Bangs in Almost Famous and the screenwriter in State and Maine. That guy rocks! But as for creaming my kecks, it was his little red Alfa Romeo convertible in Ripley that did it for me.,%20Philip%20Seymour

He’s fantastic.

State and Main died a little in the third act, I thought.

Just love Hollywood on Hollywood: The Player; Sunset Boulevard, In a Lonely Place; etc.

Yeah, I love Philip Seymour Hoffman. Not my normal type, but I love him as an actor, and I also like Jack Black as an actor too… not your sterotypical leading man type.

well, did not get to see the movie, times were all funky for trying to sneak out at lunch. Maybe next week, if it is still here. Does anyone know if it is on DVD yet? and available here to rent?