"Rippers"(Deep fried hot dogs!)

A relatively new shop in Ximending offers deep fried hot dogs. We fry them until they rip open, hence the name “Rippers”! Add some fresh cut curly fries and a coke all for $95. And if your still hungry we can serve up some Chips and Cheese or some Fresh made Italian gelato for dessert. The name of the shop is Primo’s located behind the Red theater in Ximending. Add: Cheng Du Rd., lane 10, no. 57. If you cant find it call us at 0912908838 We look forward to seeing you there!

Mmmmm…sounds sinfully deelightful…smothered with cheese, some chili on it…mmmmmm! :bravo:

I’ll vouch for this guy’s ice cream, it’s great. I’ll have to try one of those rippers though, I’m dying for a good hot dog.