Ripping A DVD to USB stick/PC?

I have a DVD that came with a new IELTS book I’ll be using with Ss in the near future.

However my DVD-ROM is faulty and I want to rip the DVD to a USB stick, then put it on my PC (using a mate’s DVD-ROM and PC).

What’s the best way to go about it, software needed and what to do if the DVD is copy-protected?

Thanks in advance!

When I was ripping a lot of DVD/CD I was using CloneCD and later CloneDVD (But it’s years ago…).
This kind of sofware is able to remove most protection as well.

The best will be to find similar software and give a try. … ippers.htm

I’ve used DVDshrink. Its free … shrink.cfm … shrink.cfm

If required, it compresses the DVD so it’ll fit on a standard writable disc, but the files it produces will run straight from the hard disk, or from a USB or SD card.

It’ll deal with some encryptions, but may not be able to handle recent ones. IIRC there’s a pay-for alternative, AnyDVD, that’ll deal with most encryptions, but I havn’t used it.

I used to use Imagburn (also free) to write DVD’s but (a) It (or more likely the drive) was always rather picky about which brands it would accept. (Sony seemed to be best) , and (b) lately all disk write attempts have failed, with I/O error messages, so I’ve just used an SD card. More convenient anyway … mgburn.cfm

EDIT: Above (and the links) assumes you are ripping a movie, which has a particular file format. I believe the current version of DVDShrink will also produce an .iso disk image, but I havn’t used it for that, and some of the other DVD cloning software may be more appropriate if you aren’t ripping a film. ENDEDIT