Rise of Skywalker Spoiler Zone

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just watched it. probably not as bad as the last jedi but it was more boring. the last jedi was WTF bad but this one was weak/ boring bad.
both movies are trash.

all of the new characters are weak, most of them seriously lack charisma and rey is just a bad actor. some of them seem really bad casting choices or just lazy or god knows what. having the main bad guy as some broody ugly incel guy was a poor choice. he didn’t have a single entertaining moment. no one liners, he didn’t even look cool for one moment. his helmet is even stupid. its han solos son Yo.

why is the movie called the rise of skywalker? rey is a palpatine. luke skywalker stupidly died, he had no kids, and kylo rens real name is ben solo. even the title of the movie is trash.


A soy boy would never work as a main bad guy.

Perhaps a strong female villain:

Rey has one facial expression and that’s “intense gritting of teeth.” Rogue One is the only good SW film that has come out since the original trilogy ended in the early 80s.

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Yeah. I wished she just owned her being a Palpatine and make a different path. She is not a Skywalker, that part was lame.

she would work as a supporting character. same for kylo ren. like the main bad guys moody little brother or something. but these two as the leads? geddafugouddahere.

and wtf was that ending? she used her double light saber to reflect palpatines lightning powers into his face. why didn’t he just switch off the powers for a minute?? so dumb.


And when did Kylo and her have an ounce of romantic chemistry or sexual tension through the whole trilogy. Wtf was that kiss?

It was a wtf moment and not a finally! Moment. Where did that come from?

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i mean, she has some good points. but she ain’t got the chops for the lead role.

i don’t think that po damaron even worked as a supporting character though. the guy was just a nothing character and nothing performance.


Also I see a lot people saying on social media that those who don’t like the Disney trilogy are misogynists who can’t stand powerful women, but Rogue One’s central protagonist is female. So that has absolutely nothing to do with it. From Ripley in ‘Alien’ to The Bride in ‘Kill Bill’ there’s been tons of kickass women leading the way in cinema. The trick is making them actual characters with depth first, and not trying to turn some social message into a character after the fact. I don’t think Rey was terrible on the level of some of the stock characters like Rose and Holdo in TLJ, but she just didn’t seem organic and lacked depth or charisma.

Because one of the main themes was about chosen family and not letting blood dictate who you should be.

She had been wanting to ride that train since seeing him without his shirt on last episode.

Rey is hot, but the cinematography in the latest film wasn’t as flattering as the last.

This wasn’t hard to understand. That comment was way off in left field.

I grew up a massive Star Wars fan. I still am.

But, I didn’t watch The Last Jedi and won’t watch this.

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You should.

i wish i hadn’t wasted my time also.

nah, that was just lazily thrown in there at the end. just like palpatine was lazily made the main bad guy… just like everything in the damn movie was lazy and not well thought out.

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TBF, I watched some clips of Ep. 8 and it was laughably bad. Mark Hamill’s disgust at what they did to Luke was warranted. The new movies are like a parody of SW for girls, Kathleen can fugg right off.

That part pissed me off too and I hardly get mad at movies. I always try to look on the bright side of things, but it was a pure wtf moment and unnecessary.

As a stand alone movie, it was a good movie. As an end to the trilogy, I didn’t like it. Everything was so rushed, but I heard that The Last Jedi was supposed to have a hint of Palpatine, but got cut out. That would’ve made sense instead of introducing an old character 2 minutes into the final movie and then killing them off immediately.

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I know where you’re coming from but sort of have the opposite opinion in that to try and wrap up this garbage trilogy, it did the best that it could.

Yes. The Last Jedi added nothing to the entire storyline and this was trying to both introduce and wrap up elements in the same movie. I suppose that handing off a television series from director to director each week works in some situations but was a bad idea for this.

I did think it was ‘ok’ though saw a ‘spoiler video’ a few weeks before it was released that said Rey would walk into Palpatine’s chamber, predicted a fierce force lightening attack back to him them go to Tatooine to be asked what her last name was and…I turned off the video because they weren’t even trying if they were talking about garbage ideas like that.