Risk factor of posting for clients

I’d like to post an add on a wall near the entrance to the school behind my apartment. I understand that it’s illegal to teach privately. How likely is it that the cops would track me down and book me? Do they really care? any tips? better suggestions on how to find clients?

I’ve been studying by correspondence instead of working for the last 2 months and I’m now running out of cash. I’d rather not find another school-job unless I must. Thanks for any help!

How’s this for an add at tealit?

Hi! My name is Jonathan. I am an exprienced English teacher from Canada. I have taught people of all skill levels and ages and I have been learning chinese for eight months. I enjoy making English easy, fun and progressive. I am enthusiastic, responsible, and dedicated to my students. My writing has been published in a Canadian Magazine and I have a Bachelor’s of Philosophy with a TESOL certificate. I live near the Hsinchu Science Park. I can come to your home or you can come to mine. Right now my schedule is open to suit your needs. I am outgoing and enthusiastic. I love teaching! I think professionalism, friendship and selflessness are far more important than money.

I seriously doubt the cops would do anything even if someone told them about it.

Besides, is it really illegal to teach private one-to-one students if you have a regular work permit i.e. a work permit that specifies you can only work for one employer?

I’ve heard that, technically, it’s illegal to have any job besides that which you have a work permit for. As I understand that includes private students as well. I’ve never heard of anyone being busted for one-on-one privates and it seems almost everyone does it at some point. Hearsay has it that the police would have to actually see money change hands to press charges - but I don’t know the facts. Richard Hartzell in the Legal Matters forum might be able to direct you to the actual laws on the books.
It’s never a bad idea to limit info on the ad - such as not putting your full name.