River Rafting?

Any ideas on where to go in Taiwan for a first time?

Don’t do anything involvng water in Taiwan. I once went “river tracing” and they inssted I wear a full wet suit in 40 degree heat.

I’ve never been river rafting in Taiwan. Could be cool, but don’t go with a group of Taiwanese.

Don’t expect any crazy rapids especially in the dry season (Nov-Apr) but here’s one place. There should still be water though. guide.taiwan-adventures.com/ … r-rafting/

Maybe someone else can comment about Taiwan’s geography but from what I’ve seen taiwan is completely wrong for good rafting. The rivers are somewhat short and steep in the mountains and then the rivers hit the flat plains. The water levels are also inconsistent due to heavy rains and a long dry season. There just doesn’t seem to be any nice long runs like you would get in other countries.

I often go rafting in jinlun just south of taitung. Plenty of water at the moment. I have a inflatable dingy ( bought in RT Mart for nt$900) and throw it into any river I’m passing that looks promising. Yeh, the rivers aren’t very long, maybe 30 mins in the water but heeps of fun.

The Ruisui trip is fine if you’re with kids. Don’t expect anything too exciting or dangerous though, most of those on the trip get the biggest kick out of splashing their friends in the other boats with water.

If you were to time it for just after a period of heavy rain, or post-typhoon, then it would be more ‘interesting’. It’s a nice stretch of river too.

I’ve been twice on the Sho Gu Lan Xi (秀姑巒溪) between Hua Lien and Tai Dong. That was like 20 years ago though. Here’s a link to a recent video.

I’ve heard that they’ve slowed it down considerably, but it should still be pretty fun. If I remember correctly, you get up at 4 or 5 departing from Hua Lien. You get to the river at 9. Raft 3 hours. Stop for lunch. Raft for another 2 hours.

I’ve done the Sho Gu Lan Xi thing twice, and it is OK. It’s not a big rapid with exciting technical stuff, but it’s fun and the scenery is great - rift valley badlands. The town of Jinpu at the end is also a lovely place to hang out for a day as well, and do some beach walks, if you can arrange the trip from there instead of Hualien City.

So,overall a fine day out, just don’t get your expectations too high.

Another thing: I mean this in the most respectful way, but there are some “cultural differences” in how the average Taiwanese and Westerner might approach the actual control of the raft. My advice would be to go with 4-8 adult friends as your own crew or major part of the crew. The key roles are the front left and right and back left and right positions. If you can get your own crew to take those positions and establish a simple but effective form of communication, then you will probably save yourself a bit of frustration.

I went once in Baolai just after heavy rainfall. It was insane in parts. They put one paddle in each raft just to push off the rocks. Trying to paddle in such a raging river would have been futile. Almost every raft overturned at some point, with ours coming down right on my forehead, giving me a little cut. They suggested I call it a day but I wanted to keep going. Someone had drowned there a little while before so they had tonnes of safety boats out and we were scooped up in no time.