Riverside Camping in North Taiwan

I know there are several threads on camping in Taiwan and even a while website but I’d like to know some of your personal riverside spots.

I have three kids so don’t want anything I need to hike to but I don’t mind driving most places. Ideal would be next to a river or the beach so the kiddies are entertained and somewhere up north that we can go to often.

When I lived in Kaohsiung we’d often just camp next to the river in Maolin for several days. I just now realize that is was probably personal property and therefore we were lucky not to get kicked out. Are we allowed to camp along riversides or the coast or is most places illegal

Thanks for your help

Nanao Farm. Big grassy campground. Nearby beach and mountains,.

Pinglin. Lots of campgrounds by the river.

Fulong. Campground by the beach.

So say I want to go to nano farm tomorrow, how do I get there and what should I expect?

Take Highway 5 to Suao and continue south to Nanao. Two hours from Taipei.

Pass through Nanao and after crossing the second river on a long bridge, turn left (this is around the 134.5km mark). Stay on road as it winds round a km and the farm/campground entrance is obvious to your right.

It looks liek this:

The beach is strait ahead on the same road.

If instead of turning left you turned right you can follow this road all the way to the Nanao Historic Trail.

In Nanao look for the train station off the main road to the left. Bike paths start from here. Some waterfalls in the area you can swim under.

Oh, yeah, Taian Hot Springs has a fantastic campground. Big river nearby to explore.

Oh, and get a guidebook. :laughing:

I reckon the best campsite in Northern Taiwan is Heilongtan. Do a search for it in the main camping thread. It’s up the river in Pinglin. Plenty of grassy space with basic amenities such as toilets and showers but without being over-developed. The river’s right there, and great for swimming. I go every year with Taiwanese workmates and their kids, and we all have a great time. Here’s a few pics from last year’s trip:

Thanks guys. I am really excited about getting to Pinglin as soon as it dries up.

Do they still have the gangsters playing loud, horrendous music until well into the wee hours at Heilongtan?

Definitely not. Mr He ran into that once, about 5 years ago apparently. It’s very much a typical family camping ground.