Riverside park, media, gin traps & ladies

I helped these middle aged ladies to remove a trap from a dog in the riverside park in Tu Chen two months ago. They were complaining about the trappers setting traps in public parks to protect their illegal vegetable plots. I suggested they got the press involved. They were a bit skeptical at that time. Anyways I bumped into one of the ladies today and she said that they had just had the press down there and it is going to be on TV. They are going to appeal to people to grass up the illegal trappers and apparently the authorities will act. The ladies also said that they have used their own money to spay many stray dogs from the park and re-home many as well (I have seen them doing this). They are out there doing this good work on a frequent basis despite lots of abuse by the locals for helping the dogs (not sure why).

Anyway she thought that they were the only ones doing this in Taipei and I let her know that she is not alone and there are other organizations and people out there doing their bit. She has asked if any people in Taipei area or Tu Chen would like to help them. She thinks it might be a good idea if these different groups got together. I have her phone number which I can provide if Animals Taiwan or other organizations would like to contact her. She doesn’t speak a word of English though. I’m sure she’d love to meet others out there doing this, as she has been doing it for about a year and invested lots of her own money and time in helping these dogs. She has two other ladies helping her out at this time. If interested pm me and I will give you her number.

I am sure that if other animal welfare groups coordinate with them will be helpful to both parties.

This problem with wild dogs in Taiwan is a nation wide epedimic and that there are no simple way of solving it with out offending the soft sensitivity of the general public. But I tip my hat to those ladies who ware willing to go out of their way to spay the dogs in theor dire attemps to solve this problem.

Here is a link to all the animal shelters for the greater Tiapei area. Please give her this link and she will find the number to the nearest shelter to Tu Chen. Hope this helps.


Please send me her number. Taiwan SPCA will certainly get in touch later. I think we can help her. Thanks!

Thanks to both Ajuna and Stray dog, sorry i only just noticed your posts!

I will let her know the link Ajuna
and send you her number Stray dog.

No Probs buddy!! Hey give me a yell you ever need a hand, I am more than happy to help :smiley:

Also, there is a vet who neuters strays for free. Can someone post the info here? (otherwise I’ll ask around for the contact info). That would also be really great to pass on to her.