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I second this. If you’re half away and riding down the street without a bike path (and you’re not familiar with traffic patterns), things can happen.

I suggest taking the bike path first and slowly moving your way onto street riding. I did the same when I bought my first road bike and added a little more street every time I went out.

The last time I got some things done on my bike, the guy commented on how everything on my bike was decent, but he would recommend changing the wheels.

It’s a Giant TCR 2. I have added aero bars and an Adamo split seat. The tires are Continental. Everything else is stock. The guy at the shop was very critical of these stock Giant wheels.

Would it be worth it to upgrade the wheels? We’re talking easily 20,000 NT per wheel, right? Would there be a big difference? And should I get deep rim wheels, considering I do about 90% of my riding on flats and so getting a bit aero is important to me?

You can spend 20k on one wheel and also 20k on a wheel set (which is the front and back wheels).

Those stock Giant PR2 wheels are pretty much the Coors/Bud Light of wheels. They are good wheels for anyone getting into cycling, but after 2+ years, you can consider yourself a more experienced cyclist now.

In other words, it’s time for an upgrade.

There’s a lot of debate and science behind deep section wheels, but when it comes down to it, deep section wheels will be lighter and more aero, which will allow you to put in less effort and get more output than your Giant stock wheels.

Here’s an article for you to scim through.

20-24,000NT can get you a pair of descent mid section wheels. If you consider second hand, around 16,000NT can get you something 1-1.5 years old. These prices are not name brand prices, but will be much better than your stock wheels. Send me a PM of your budget and I’ll keep an eye out for you if you’re serious about the upgrade.

Thanks ranlee! I’ll think about it. I think I am serious, but the timing would be in the summer after my bonus, after taxes have been paid, etc. I’ll ask for help when I’m ready. That’s a good article.

Ha, ha! I hate both those beers with a passion.

When the time comes, you will hate those PR2s with a passion.

There’s a lot more to consider when the time comes.

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No, there won’t be, unless they are fucked up or it’s time to do some maintenance.

What science says is that only PRO’s can really benefit of getting some much much more expensive. Apparently aero wheels “kick in” at 40 kmh or so, and honestly, I don’t think you will feel much difference. What you will feel is the effect of wind!

I’m not sure if @ranlee really meant it, but he said that the deeper the section the lighter. That’s not true. While may be for structural reasons you can may be make the walls lighter if they’re deeper, the more material (the deeper) the heavier. Aero rims are not famous for being light, although of course the most expensive ones are pretty light.

There’s a whole debate going on about this, really. A guy who smashed dunno what climb’s previous time on heavy rims (aero VS “climbing”?) argued that they have more inertia, so once moving they keep moving better.

Again, if you do flats, if you are not a pro… buy them only if you want a different looking. Or at least be warned that you won’t have better performance, even if the money makes you believe it :slight_smile:

@marasan and all,

I’m not sure what’s allowed on this forum yet, but I’ll sell Giant carbon wheels if anybody is interested. These are the top of the line wheels that come with the TCR SL0:

I’ve ridden ~400km on them only. Unsure of local pricing, happy to field random offers.

@marasan these are NOT deep/mid-section wheels and if you want something more aero, these are NOT what you’re looking for. Just thought I’d throw it in there for you or anyone else whilst I’m building the bike up again.

Edit: for clarification these are SLR 0 wheels, didnt notice I didn’t write the actual model down: Giant SLR 0 DBL WheelSystem; 30mm deep, 23mm wide, Tubeless compatible, Full composite

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Here we go, I knew someone would come debating.

Read the article and read marasan’s post. He’s riding an entry level alu frame with quite possibly the heaviest wheel set Giant has to offer for drop bar, caliper brake bikes. You’re telling him his prospective investment of 20K into new wheels wont’ make the slightest difference in performance because he’s not a pro?

Nowhere did I say the deeper the lighter. I was nearly comparing deep section rims to his stock wheels. Read…

If you want, you can make a separate thread for them under the cycling forum.

I was originally going to create a second hand accessories/bikes thread, but they don’t pop up often, so individual threads are perfectly fine.

Pictures of the wheels and its rim condition will help your sale! :smiley:

Thanks, will do later tonight :slight_smile:

Thanks for that. I really don’t know if I’m interested because I just don’t know enough about the subject. In any event, I’m not yet in the market for new wheels. If you make that ad and they’re still not sold by summer, maybe I’ll consider a purchase.

But I seem to be leaning toward deep section wheels. Many swear by them. @mad_masala, maybe I’ll get up to 40kph to feel that effect you speak of! When I’ve got the wind to my back and with all the drafting that goes on in the triathlon races I participate in, it’s not out of the question at all, at least for part of the course.

Have you not noticed? Taiwan skipped spring and it is already summer. Were you not outside this past weekend? Definitely hit 30C Saturday-Monday. :smile: :rofl:

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Hahaha I’ll take that as sold then! :D.

No probs, I’m in no rush and they would still serve me fine if I don’t sell it - anything i own is 10000000% better than my ability soooooo…

Well, I have a TCR 2. He says he has a TCR 2. I haven’t read the whole thing but I didn’t read “aluminium” anywhere. And my TCR 2 is carbon fiber, not aluminium.

Also, you said:

Which are the same wheels than the more expensive TCR advance. Entry level, but not entry level…

As for the deep rims, I thought you were just talking about them and not comparing them with his wheelset. However, there are deep rim wheels that are heavier than his wheelset.

If you haven’t hit 40 in the flats it’s time to start to push harder, not to buy new wheels!

BTW, I do have a not-so-deep deep rim wheelset… from Giant sitting somewhere at home. TBH, I love the way the look, but at some point I felt like to spend some money on getting something better. I just wanted to make my bike a bit lighter and different, and most people say that wheels are the best improvement you can make on your bike. Probably I didn’t spend enough for making my bike noticeably better or lighter, but what the heck, I’ve been saying I’d change the wheels for years :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s also a motivational thing. And a very stupid thing, too :smiley:

Oh, BTW, my rear hub does have some sort of problem. Those rims have taken many pot holes, and I think that there’s something fucked up in the hub, nothing that can not be fixed, I’m sure. If you are interested, you can try them or whatever.

EDIT: I think that my wheelset is the same one that @Liuboy is talking about…

Apologies, I so happen to know what he’s riding and didn’t disclose that before I replied to your post.

He’s riding a TCR Composite 2, you’re riding a TCR Advanced 2. His is entry level aluminum frame with Tiagra group set and yours is entry level carbon fiber frame with 105 group set. Different bikes.

You’re pretty much saying “Hey, I have a broken wheel. Try it out if you want.”

Why would you lend or even offer someone a set of wheels that has had known issues?

If Strava is accurate, on the riverside path, I get in the high 30s for a decent part of my route, a bit past 40 for a brief period, and I go over 50 on the way to the path. I know I can do better.

In a race situation, I have found that holding back a bit and saving energy for the run works very well for me.

Getting back to the wheels I have now, the guy at the shop also mentioned that the bearings in the stock wheels are not the best. So if he’s right, it’s not just about getting more aero and getting lighter. I have no idea if this is accurate.

Ceramic bearings :heart_eyes:

Composite = carbon fiber (well, in the end it comes to mean that). But there IS an older Giant that is both TCR and aluminium. But not the Composite 2… which is my bike! I don’t have the Advance… which is a newer (now standard) CF technology.

At some point I would service it. It’s not going to be expensive, so I don’t mind to do it this month for example.

Wait, I thought you were on the Advanced 2? I could be getting names mixed up, but I know for sure that marasan’s bike is aluminum…right @marasan ? :smile:

I’m actually not that well versed when it comes to those components, but I think @urodacus can explain it if he feels up to the task.