Road Bike Accessories

I like symmetry, and use a Fouriers on my road bike, which has a Go-Pro mount underneath.
It comes including 3 adapter plates for different brands.
Paid some Ntd. 650 delivered from

I also made a DIY version for my mountain bike.

I use a K-edge mount…

There’s 2 sizes, depending on what Garmin you’re using. It does the job, although there’s not much room to access the start and lap buttons if you’ve got a 520.

I also use k-edge, bought in preparation for the GoPro that I never did buy… oops.

Thanks for your input guys. The K-edge is something I considered when I bought my Gearoop, but damn that thing is expensive.

I’m curious as to what your DIY mount comprises of. Could you share more?

[quote=“ranlee, post:244, topic:83077, full:true”]I’m curious as to what your DIY mount comprises of. Could you share more?
I made this one as a simple try-out from a 10NT clamp, basically to check if swapping the Bryton between bikes made sense.
Used a longer bolt, a bushing, the spare Bryton adapter, and some small Allen bolts to fix things up.
It is sturdy, and works rather fine, so one day I will replicate the mount in a bit more attractive design, probably in a 3D print.

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Just sent that to GCN for their hack feature. Very neat and tidy

And you’ll be sure to share that bidon you get as a result, wont you, Young Male Horse?

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Hack…forward slash…bodge!

Don’t think they give 'em away for H/Bs. But, if they do… as long as I get first mouthful. :wink:

I’m okay with sloppy seconds.

eeeeuw :scream:

Just a friendly reminder, change your bar tape and wear gloves.

A friend decided…both were not important.

gg handlebars

The picture indicates that what he has to change is the handlebar :stuck_out_tongue:

How did old bar tape and no gloves make a hole in the bar?

No gloves meant nothing to soak in sweat. Sweat then seeps through the bar tape, which probably hadn’t been changed in years and onto the aluminum handlebars. In this kind of humid weather, that sweat probably doesn’t dry or dissolve resulting in it eating through the aluminum.

That’s my best guess.

I went riding last night. It’s cooler. I saw a women with a wheel light. I passed a tent along the trail, it’s night, and he had it $350 installed. It plugs in to recharge.
Water, man lots of water. I pour water on myself to keep cool.
a bell. People stop all the time right in front of you I let them know I’m coming.


May be I’m wrong, but aluminum does not oxidize (actually it does, but a lot and only in the surface), so that material does not rust and deteriorate into holes like that.

My guess is that there was something hardish in between the straps and the handlebar (like dust, sand, etc), and that hole was “sanded”.

Yes. Salt water causes the corrosion of aluminum creating aluminum oxide. The salt does not directly attack the aluminum, but causes an electrochemical attack like a catalyst that results in the corrosion. This is the white deposit that you find on aluminum. The reaction rate is usually fairly slow, but that depends on the alloy. Al/Li alloys corrode fairly quickly while pure aluminum corrodes much slower. The corrosion rate also depends on the temperature, the concentration of the salt and the humidity.

@mad_masala you’re assumption isn’t wrong, could’ve been your theory + the salt from sweat. We’ll never know, but just know not to skimp out on a cheap 200-400NT accessory.

However, handlebars can cost just as much as bar tape.