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If @ericinformosa goes out once every few weeks to cycle, Decathlon is not a bad choice. 1000-12000NT for a decent looking jersey with good materials.

However, if he’s out one or even twice a week and wearing that same kit from decathlon, I don’t suggest their cycling stuff. I’ve had a few friends buy from Decathlon and wear their kits on a weekly basis and they ended up ripping from lots of usage.


I’ve base layers from Decathlon, a wind jacket, sunglasses, tubes, small under saddle bags, bar tape, mini-pumps - all perfectly okay. I’m doing 10 hours a week.

Haven’t tried their shorts or jerseys (they used to have some FDJ kit if you’re in to riding team replica stuff), but it looks okay for the price.

I opt for Assos, or whatever my team kit happens to be (currently Atlas).

Lots of people seem to rate Wiggle’s DHB branded stuff, so there’s another option.


That 300-400NT wind jacket is really awesome bang for your buck. Their black with some hints of blue long sleeve jacket I hear is also good, but anything regarding jersey or bibs, I haven’t heard anyone rave about them.

Wiggle’s DHB is also an awesome bang for your buck, but just have to worry about import taxes. Even with a 5-10% tax, the DHB jersey will still be better quality and cheaper than most that you find in Taiwan.


Just back from Decathlon (went for bar tape, which is probably the best I have ever used… or rather, re-used, following a broken cable incident)… but anyway, I checked the clothing. Very poor there today. No bib shorts, only basic shorts (wtf?) and just a few jerseys. Other stuff has gone too… I bought some really nice carbon bottle cages there last year. Gone. Spare Campag brake blocks. Gone. The local store has halved in size and their range has seemingly moved down a peg or too. Still, always worth a look, eh?


Maybe the stuff is in high demand? Carbon cages for what I’m guessing…400-600NT? That’s a steal, I would think twice about the integrity of the cage itself, but if you want to save weight and don’t care if your bottle will go flying when you hit a bump, those kinds of cages will do.

Last few times I’ve went to Decathlon in Taipei, everything has always been in stock.


Frankly, the weight difference on a bottle cage is utterly negligible, so I have no interest in that. I bought them as they were cheaper than Specialized composite ones. If you can tell the difference between an expensive carbon cage and theirs, you’re a better man than me. I also have some of their cages which are plastic reinforced with fibreglass. Neither have given the slightest cause for concern. Bottles fit very snug. I do have Specialized on another bike, and also Elites. They’re all just bottle cages. Last time I lost a bottle was about 15 years ago when I was (foolishly) using a 750ml bottle in a race. Never again.


The other day I put 188.5 kms on the bike wearing 10 year old Decathlon long trousers and IIRC a jersey about the same age from the shop where I bought my MTB. It’s obviously not the first ride, nor the last one wearing those clothes :slight_smile:


[quote=“ranlee, post:161, topic:83077, full:true”]
If @ericinformosa goes out once every few weeks to cycle, Decathlon is not a bad choice. 1000-12000NT for a decent looking jersey with good materials.[/quote]

Well … @ericinformosa is on the bike at least every other day :).

I am not against Decathlon, and bought most of my stuff in their Shanghai shop, which had a lot, much much more than I have ever seen here in Taipei.

I did buy some shorts and bibs from the Taipei shop, and can’t complain, they seem to survive both riding and washing so far.

However, as mentioned by others, I also noticed there is hardly anything left in their shop for biking stuff, hence the look for other places.

I will check the suggestions and see if I can score some, thanks!


Agreed. However, I’m guilty as charged for having a 17g and 20g bottle cages on my bike. They just look cool.


Erm… I can (just about) understand how someone might think that James Dean in a Porsche or Steve McQueen on a Triumph might be described as looking ‘cool’, but a bottle cage…? Crikey. That’s a new one. :wink:


You haven’t seen me on my Beemer.

Now I’m thinking that some scooters have bottle cages too xD


Ok, so next on my shopping list to put together a new bike is the saddle.

I’m currently riding a Fizik Arione R3 with carbon braided rims.

I’m not looking to buy a different saddle, but am thinking about whether I need carbon braided rims or Fizik’s KIUM rails. There’s a 2000-3000 NTD difference in price, but I’m also concerned about the comfort on a long ride.

Research tells me, I don’t need carbon rails, the dampening that the carbon rails provide is minimal to a weekend warrior like me and I won’t feel the slightest difference. The money I pay for the 40-60g difference in weight is also ridiculous.

Anyone of you guys have experience with carbon vs alu rails?



I can honestly say that I have never, in Gawd knows how many years cycling, heard anyone mention saddle comfort in relation to the rails. I’m sure it’s simply for the weightweenies. I guess you also need to be a bit careful when tightening the clamp bolts… :wink:


I’m sure that then you won’t believe in the benefits that a very expensive crankset has over the not super expensive ones. And you will be one of those guys who thinks that it’s more effective to change brake pads instead of brake calipers…

Or you will question why bike companies keep changing standards in things like headset sizes and so… suspecting of dubious marketing intentions

You incredulous… your lack of faith in the bike industry makes baby Jesus (not me, the other one) cry.


Eh? No, I wrote “I can honestly say that I have never […] heard anyone mention saddle comfort in relation to the rails.” I haven’t. Simple really.

Then, of course, this just popped up:

FWIW, I have (and have had), several different levels of cranksets on my bikes now and over the years. Can I tell the difference between the high end and low end? Can I f**k. As I’ve noted before, I’m clearly just an old carthorse with no finesse. :wink:


I predict a commercial failure: it’s too ugly and noticeable for the price:

Want one? The RRP will be $50 but if you are quick you can get one for $31 in a choice of gold, silver or black colours. Delivery is anywhere in the world and they’re aiming for July availability.


Thanks ColT, I just needed a second opinion.

I almost picked up a brand new, full carbon braided Fizik R3, for 4000NT, which is a steal, but missed out, someone else beat me to the punch. Good thing is, I saved 4000NT.

I think I’ll stick to the aluminum rails. Thanks!


No problem. I personally would spend it on the best shorts…

Now, there’s a whole new thread. :wink:

cough Assos :wink: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

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true dat. Assos bibs are worth the extra money, especially so if you often ride 3-4 hr plus. Most other things are moot/marketing, but bibs are so close to the center of the cycling experience that they really do matter, and you really can tell the difference.

But a carbon bidon holder vs alu or steel? meh, not so much.

Now, carbon wheels? Yes. Still crying after I just broke a rear rim in two places (nice pothole at some speed). Campy Bora are not cheap to replace. Mind you, have ridden about 120,000km on it so not all bad, and TBH the brake rim was wearing rather thin.



What? now you own my respect.