Road conditions

Hi, I have a week off the first week of August and want to take a motorbike trip around the island. How can I find out if there are any road closures from the typhoon? I live in Tainan and want to take the southern cross island highway to the east coast, then straight up the coast to taroko gorge, then down past sun moon lake and alishan back to tainan. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers

Hsiadogah posted a useful link the other day. It is most useful if you can read at least a little Chinese.

The page you want is;

From there you click on the dot that represents the county you want to find out about. It seems to be that if the dot is red it means that there are some major road closures due to damage in that county. Perhaps Hsiadogah could confirm.

Once you’ve clicked through on one of the red dots, you’ll see some information in Chinese and there may be one or more links to .jpg map files showing damaged areas.

It appears that your intended route is OK at the moment, but I hope someone with better Chinese skills than I can confirm this.

The website lists no road closures for the route you suggest.

Edit: But note that several minor roads in Liukuei (Liugui) Township are unpassable. Stick to the main roads with the white-on-blue provincial road markers (the southern cross-island highway is route 20) and you’ll be fine.