Road hockey?!?!?

Hey I live in Jung Li (although I make frequent trips to Taipei) and am looking to pick up some road hockey gear (sticks and nets). Do these items exist in Taiwan? and if so, where can I find them???
Thanks so much!!

Taimall might have some stuff there, and it’s on your way to Taipei.

Monoclub has everything you’ll need, save for the nets. It’s across from CKS Memorial Hall on Aigou Rd. Do you skate? There’s an ice hockey league, and we’ve only played the first game of the season. Lots of guys come from further away (Taichung and Chiayi) to play.

Yeah I play hockey back home (Canada) but I dont have any of my stuff here. Thanks so much for the offer though. So I will be able to get a bunch of road hockey sticks, a few balls/pucks and a net or two there? Also, any idea on the cost of these items?
Thanks so much for your help by the way.

You’re welcome.
I’m pretty sure that you will not find any nets there, but maybe he can point you in the right direction. You will find sticks–I’m sure he just got a shipment of road hockey sticks–balls, pucks, roller blades… but I’m blanking on the prices. Sorry.

Anyways, contact Geoff at Monoclub, info at

Auiguo East Rd, 20-1, 1F, Taipei, Taiwan Tel: 2321 2065

If you want to see some hockey, check this out:

Nets are easy; PVC piping from B&Q and a bit of cable netting and you’re off to the races. There are weekly road hockey games in Chiayi, and I think some guys in Kaoshiung play, as well. As for Taipei, we’re pretty spoiled with the Egg, so most of us play ice.

we used to play in taoyuan during the winter months in a tennis court.

some of those fellas have moved on, but we can see if we can get something together again once it’s cool enough. i think our keeper is still here too.

i’ll post here if/when i hear anything.

Lets do it!

I’ll come and play anytime. I’ll bring a couple goons with me. When I lived in Nantao we’d have games against other cities. I’d like to see a ball hockey league happen someday.

The nets are a piece of cake. PVC or I can go to a metal shop and get some welded up for cheap. The sticks and balls aren’t hard to find in Taipei. I’ve got a place in Taichung I can go to if you don’t have any luck up North.

I’m Kelley in Longtan BTW.

I play every Saturday in Taichung at 2pm. We found this place that is shaped like a rink. It’s enclosed so it’s like having boards(maybe around 2 feet high). Anyway I will have to check the street name. We also have nets, goalie equipment and several extra sticks, so you just need to show up in some decent shoes.

Er… so when are we playin?

Taoyuan or chungli is fine with me.

So there are no road hockey games in Taipei right? I know there is ice though…

sorry - i don’t usually organize hockey anymore. i have heard rumblings from some of the guys that used to play, but unless i get firm commitments, i don’t commit anymore (too many phones off/hung over/whaa whaa on sunday after “i’m in” saturday nights) …

if i hear real plans for a game, i’ll post. don’t hold your breath though.


I know what you mean about bailers. I don’t really want to play on Sundays either. Ideally, I’d like to play on a weeknight.

I’ll ask some friends around my area and see if I can’t get a few guys.

I was invited to a tournament on March 11th. I’ve got a handfull of guys but might not be enough to put a team together.

Let me know if you want to play with us.

If you guys are down there in Chaiyi reading this. Let me know it’s still happenin’. And if I can’t get a full team… can we join another team?

Check ya.


:laughing: You’ll get creamed. They take road hockey pretty seriously down there.
(Too bad last year’s ice hockey champions, the Chiayi Sharks are this year’s Minnows.)

We beat a skeleton team last time. I brought some guys from Yuanlin and beat the guys in Chaiyi last time. A lot of their guys were missing because they were playing in Taipei though.

It’s going to be fun either way. I didn’t say champion team… I just want to go to the show.

C’mon Jabby… come down and play.

oh, thanks turkey_diner. I’d love to, but I work and have a game on the 11th.
Luck to you.

I just got this email for an open (at least I think it’s open) road hockey tourney:
If you want to get in on this sweet action, email Kevin at

[quote]Chiayi Planet Heritage Classic Fundraiser
Only an hour on the fast train!!!

Road Hockey Tournament and Rock The Planet Concert

Road Hockey Tournament
When: Saturday March 31st 12:30pm ¡V 5:00pm ¡VMike Crowe Mem Rink
Banquet: 6:30pm ¡V 7:30pm ¡V Sport Bar
Concert: 7:30 ¡V 11:00
Party 11:00 ¡V 5:00am
Cost: $600 - $200 ¡V Tournament Fees - $200 - Banquet (includes
meal) and giveaways - $200 Concert Cover

Concert Lineup:

7:30 ¡V 8:00pm ¡V The Return of The Touchables
8:15 ¡V 9:15pm ¡V The Idiots (back from Changhua)
9:25 ¡V 10:25pm ¡V The Anglers (One of Taiwan¡¦s best bands
10:30 ¡V 11:00pm ¡V Adhoc
11:00pm ¡V Party upstairs with different kinds of music in every room¡Kperfect for dancing and way cooler than Players¡K

Mal’s bringing down a team to avenge their loss at the hands of the Chiayi Sharks Slowpitch Club back in december…we got room for a few more…the more the merrier…


Leah and Laurel will be providing tournament goers with a wide variety of delectable wrap sandwiches at a great price!

Beer will be on sale for 7-11 prices by our resident bartender Tiffany!

Lindsay will be video taping the entire event and dvds will be available soon after.

Professional photography will be done by CIHL photographer Stefanie Kilbourne.

50/50 draws will be done throughout the night as long as prize giveaways.

Winners of the tournament will receive newly designed tournament t-shirts and a case of beer!

Chiayi Planet, Hoodies, Long Sleeve Tees, and Sleeve Fires will also be available along with a selection of photos from previous Chiayi planet events.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Burns, Chiayi is an expensive place. Why does the whole day cost
    $600 or $20 CDN?
    This is a fundraiser for the newspaper. We are all volunteers but it costs money to print so that¡¦s where the $200 for the tourney goes. The other four hundred pays for your food and the rental of the sound equipment which is quite expensive. Thanks for asking.

  • How many teams are participating?
    We hope to have 6 teams. There are already teams coming in from Taipei and Taoyuan and we hope to get three teams out of Chiayi people.

  • I hate beer. Will you have water for sale?
    For sure water will be available all afternoon.

Please email me if you¡¦re interested in playing in the tourney or if you have any questions¡K.teams or individuals are welcome¡K[/quote]

Yeah so I read they could have sticks at Taimall, NOPE.

My van is busted so I needed to drive my scoot an hour each way to find out.

I hope I can save someone the trouble.

My stick is MIA. I wonder if they’ll still let me play without one :frowning: