Road map book with Pinyin

I have a book for checking out the roads but it can get real laborious matching characters with signs. Anyone know where I can find a road map book with pinyin?

i asked the same question a couple of years ago and i believe the answer is that there isn’t one.

There is however a GPS with pinyin, or so i read on the cars and motorcycle forum.

Sounds like a market niche just waiting to be filled. Cranky?

Nope, I’ve never seen such a book either.

Part of me hopes the new administration will push for more such things. But part of me doesn’t, because I know they’d just screw it up, as all efforts in romanization have been screwed up here.

I’m curious about the GPS. I wonder if it uses the [url= maps mentioned last year[/url].

Why don’t you contact the city’s department of transportation and suggest doing a project with them. I’m sure with your oversight they wouldn’t screw it up. :wink:

There is one out there somewhere for sure. My mate who left last year had one but it was lost when he moved house. He remembers buying it in a 7/11 or familymart but I’ve checked them out and no joy. Pity

I have a Taipei City Map which has most of the major roads and streets in Pinyin. But not many of the lanes and alleys. I picked it up about five years ago, and cant remember where. But it is published by Da ya Publishing company at 4f 189 Kwang Chow St. Taipei. Tel: 23028665

I’ve offered, believe me. In my experience the department stubbornly holds to the common bureaucratic delusion that as long as a committee there approved it, it must be right. :s

But the change in national administration and recent complaints from a city councilor do seem to offer the possibility for the city to rethink its approach. I’ve been hoping to get something started soon and have already tracked down the phone numbers of those in charge. Now I just have to find a spare minute…