Roadblock Alerts 2018


The police have a roadblock right now in Danshui at this location

It’s pretty common here because it’s the only KTV in Danshui.


So, some coppers think they can stop us from gettin’ to the KTV on a Wednesday night?
Fight the power!:man_mechanic:


That’s funny. Leaving the KTV is the time to worry.


What’s the problem? If you’re driving drunk, good riddance to you. :policeman: :policewoman: :man_judge:


Cept drunks often kill others and yet not themselves


I’m not asking anyone to die, just to respect the law and not complain about getting caught if they don’t.


Yeah for sure driving drunk isn’t a no no


Anhe Lu Section 2


Wait – if it isn’t a no no, is it a yes no? Or a no yes? :thinking:


UHm musta been drunk when I typed that
I meant it IS a no no


Officer, I assure you, I haven’t drunk no nothing.


Thats OCCIFER to you bud.