Roads - Yilan, Hualien | New Tunnels Suao to Hualien, Taiwan #9, 台九線

Allowing big motorcycles to go on the new Suhua highway means there will be fewer big motorcycles on the old Suhua highway. That’s good news for people who want to cycle the cliffside road.

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what other routes dont allow motorcycles? usually they always allow them, had no idea hualian/yilan banned them from those roads, I thought it was only expressways and freeways.

Suhua is a sort of expressway made of tunnels and viaducts that was built to bypass the existing route and make it faster/safer, like the nr. 9 mountain crossing towards Taitung. In both cases, “regular” motorcycles are directed to the old roads, making it a pleasant ride because scenic and mostly empty.


Interesting, I had no idea. I always thought tlbecause they were the national routes, TaiXian, that the same rules applied to all the same signed roads. good to know! come to think of it, I dont remember seeing scooters in the more northern tunnels of #9. but the taitung section there are loads. the whole way. but thinking about it, that last tunnel between Pingtung and taitung I cant remember a scooter either.

is this perhaps due because of the tunnels alone?

Nr. 9 is a mix of viaducts and tunnels, but smaller motorcycles are not allowed on the whole stretch from Caobu to the coast at Daren. Suhua is more complicated because some parts still run on the old road and others will split the traffic between cars/bigger motorcycles on the new road (mostly tunnels) and smaller motorcycles on the old one.

You are right. The new road is only a small part of the whole Pingtung-Taitung stretch, which is mostly cars and motorcycles of any kind all together.

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cheers for clarifying. guess I need to be more careful riding the scooter on the new road between east and west on the southern cross! so far, no tickets! but tempting fate it seems, danm.

I don’t know the size of this project, but it looks quite big. Targeting the sections that were left behind before.