Robbery of KMT Legislator at gunpoint

November 3rd, Sunday – The China Times Express evening newspaper is reporting on the front page that a famous KMT Legislator was robbed at gunpoint in his car in Taipei County.

Comments about public safety anyone?

It’s not as if KMT officials have never stolen anything, especially ex-KMT ones like that nice man Mr. Soong. Was the gunman wearing green tights by any chance?

Taiwan is still a safe place to live compared to many western countries, but if you’re rich all bets are off. Fortunately, the guy wasn’t kidnapped, otherwise his opponents would start rumors that he set it up just to get a few sympathy votes in future elections.

Robin Hood would have approved, no doubt.

If you ask around, I think you will find that the mugging victim [url=]Chen Shei-saint / 陳學聖 / Ch

I agree that the saintly Mr. Chen is many cuts above the typical local lawmaker. With more like him in the Legislative and Executive Yuans, Taiwan would become a much better place for locals and foreigners alike. Thank goodness he wasn’t shot or otherwise injured!

The mode of the robbery was rather disturbing. All for a measly NT$10,000 and an all-but-worthless mobile phone. I wonder what car he was driving, to make him a target for the robbers?

The man deserves to be robbed every day. Never mind the autohagiographic aspect of his name, to mix Chinese and English within a name is unforgiveable from a style point of view. Reminds me of an acquaintance who introduced himself as King King-Long (Wang Jinlong).

Wow! I agree… that used to drive me nuts… but I haven’t seen him use that “name” for a while… so maybe someone tipped him off how stupid it was.

Hey, Maoman, where did you find that groovy word?

I asked my Chinese colleague whether the name "Xu

His English name is Apollo … what kind of ego do you have to have to name yourself after a god?

Monkey, I thought you knew better!

This is OT and belongs in the ‘bizzare names’ thread.


Hey, Maoman, where did you find that groovy word?

I asked my Chinese colleague whether the name "Xu

Headline in today’s Taipei Times: KMT laments crime wave.

Crime wave?

That’s one seriously messed-up headline.

The only ‘crime wave’ is that nazi salute style wave favored by Mr. President. Can you imagine if he went to Germany and did that!?

You mean ?

It’s a shame one of the better legislators had to be on the receiving end of a mugging but I feel more sympathy for myself after subjecting my mind to the crap that was printed in both the TT and China Post about the crime. I mean, do these guys(reporters) actually pay attention when interviewing someone. The China Post said the guy had his cell phone and cash taken but managed to keep his credit cards and ‘second cell phone’ which was stashed way somewhere in the car. According to the TT, MR Chen was led to a nearby temple shorty after the mugging where he was finally able to contact police. But what about this supposed second phone? Another reason why I swear one day soon, when I move closer to a bookstore with the Herald in stock, that I will go off all local papers for good. Bullocks!

Juba - I was thinking more of the actual wave he does when he is out and about. The arm is in the same position but he does manage to waggle his hand a teensy bit lest anyone should think his Third Way (3rd Wave?) was actually the Third Reich. Heil Ah-bian!

Oh, you mean this one

There u go - caught in the act. Now all he needs is a little moustache! :slight_smile:

I notice nobody said much about Lee Tung Hui and his Ronnie-replica wave. Why are you guys always slamming A-bian? Wish you’d gotten Soong or Lien instead?
Think this sort of slagging would be long tolerated under either of them, considering that the red flag with the 5 gold stars would likely be flying here by now?

You have to realize the long-standing problem for the DPP is it’s own membership, 5% intelligentsia and 95% betel-chewing, taxi/truck-driving moron. A-bian has to play to the crowd that elected him before the one that didn’t. Sure the down-home act is kinda cheesy, but so is the audience. Would you Americans like to have your IQ judged by the average TV ad?

Didn’t think so.

Hey, I LIKE Ah-bian, unlike most people it would seem. I just think his wave is kinda kinky that’s all.

As for Soong - beneath that silky smooth exterior writhes a slimey coked up Macbeth. [shudder]

Lien Chan - just a well-groomed teddy bear.