Robert DeFranco - Animal Behaviour Expert

[color=blue]I have been really interested in this guy recently…I think some of you might be interested in this paper I read. He studies psychology and is a leading consultant in animal bite cases, and animal behaviour.[/color]

[color=brown]Title: Human Violence and Animal Abuse:The Insidious Connection
Author: Robert DeFranco
Abstract: There is an abundance of evidence in the literature of an alarming and all-encompassing connection between cruelty to animals and human violence. The 1990s was a decade for notorious crimes committed by young people with prior histories of animal abuse. The problem is symptomatic of individuals in trouble and a predictor of future escalating violence in our society. The present investigation will review the literature surrounding animal cruelty and human violence and examine the assumption that animal abusers commonly “graduate” from violence against animals to violence against humans. It is concluded that engaging in childhood violence against the less powerful beings of animals may generalize to the acceptance of interpersonal violence against women and children in families. Psychologists are in a unique position to uncover animal abuse and treat patients who participate in animal cruelty. In the absence of treatment and a high probability of success, it is suggested that cruelty to animals should be treated as a serious crime and a clearly defined agenda of correctional consequences should be implemented for those who engage in these activities.