Robert Palmer Girls

Seeing a still clip of them today they don’t seem like any big deal, but back then – 20 years ago – I thought they were hot!

In fact, back then I recall they provoked some serious controversy with feminists who objected to their miniskirts (not very mini really) or the fact some guy was surrounded by a bunch of sexy girls in the background as wallpaper or something like that. Hard to understand all the fuss when you look at how women are used today.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking of the RPG’s lately as I’m fortunate enough to exercise at a gym (Being Sport) that employs RPG’s. The young men and women employed as trainers and weightroom supervisors dress in warmup pants and look somewhat athletic. But the girls at the front desk and signing up members are right out of the above photos. Sexist, maybe, but I still think they look pretty cool.

When the music starts, keep a wankie towel handy.

I’m sorry, I nearly choked reading this post. :laughing: :laughing: :bravo: :notworthy:

Now I have impressionable 20 something Taiwanese girls wondering what I am laughing at. Thanks.

How do I explain?

Would you like to demo for them? :smiling_imp:

I like that video. But now I can’t remember if it was Simply Irresistible or Addicted to Love.

Sexist pig. :raspberry:

Addicted to Love.

The sad part of the story is Robert Palmer, who looked reasonably fit and didn’t appear to be a wild abuser of drugs and alcohol, died of a heart attack at age 54. 54! :astonished: Maybe it was all the sexy women he hung out with. In any event, I guess one really should get a regular physical and get ones heart checked out.

But that’s slightly astray from the topic – those slinky, mysterious RPG’s.

I think we should all thank ‘lipstick lesbians’ for creating a more permissable world.