Robinhood Broker

Robinhood was down whole day during Tuesday and is still down. The rumor is it hasn’t code for the leap year…(I know, don’t even get me started).

My question is: does anyone here know if a class action can be started against them? I can’t find the updated TOS.

Got money locked down there , and before you say ‘shouldn’t invest with BS broker and broker XNY is better blah bla I already know that. Thanks


don’t know about class-action, but maybe follow social media to see if anything happens.
with a valuation of $7.6 billion, it’ll have to answer to someone, but likely first its private shareholders.
On a side note, what is that saying about Robinhood stealing from the…?
Maybe the firm is dyslexic.

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Are you talking about the Robinhood app? I was able to login just now.

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I think the rumour started from this tweet. Looking at the screenshot though it could be anything, the assumption made by the author of that tweet that it has anything to do with a leap year is a …er…leap.

Can you put any order? See anything at all?

It is all down, not only the app.

No official news yet confirming this.

I am worrying about the legal procedures to get the investments back in case SHTF

I opened with them and put a very small amount to try it out. Something about it just seemed off to me so I never did anything substantial with it. I hope they get it fixed soon OP.

Back on air now. I scheduled the transfer of all funds available already. I’ve got some unsettled funds from before so I need to wait a couple days to transfer them out too as well as sell the current positions I have there. Will not rely on Robinhood any longer. I’ve got a few other brokers account and had a few dozen thousands on Robinhood to do day trade without commission. Will definitely take everything out after this.


Ameritrade currently has zero commission fees

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it seems to be allowing me to sale/buy.

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It didn’t execute any of my orders for Monday… missed on a lot of opportunity


Have you tried broker XNY?



Yelp. Well at least it’s something ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Complete joke. Moving everything out. I will leave make a couple k just to play there

Just to “play”?


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One frustrated Robinhood user filed a class-action lawsuit in federal court in Tampa, Florida, that accuses the company of failing to meet to contractual obligations, violating its warranty and negligence. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of all customers, seeks compensatory and punitive damages.



They are down again! Not related to the enforced trading halt, it is another technical issue.

I had ordered executed without a problem today