Robot replacement for English Teachers

The Korean Government have obviously had enough of those pesky foreign English teachers. They are replacing them with robots. :slight_smile: … 399448#top

Oh no! I’m going to be out of a job soon!

When they make their way into the hagwons (cram schools), the bosses will be scratching their heads wondering how they can cheat Mr. Robot.

Malfunction. Malfunction. Can’t cheat the robot. Can’t cheat the robot. Will self-destruct in 5, 4, 3,…

There go the already healthy social lives of Korean kids. Johnny’s going to have a new friend to play with.

I just noticed something: “cheat” and “teach” are phonetic palyndromes. Wonder if Mr. Robot can teach the kids that?

[quote=“j99l88e77”]Oh no! I’m going to be out of a job soon!

Why? Do you still naively believe the Taiwanese actually regard you as a teacher?

No. And I don’t believe that Koreans do either.

If I was a kid and my Mom and Dad got me a Mr. Robot to teach me a language… I don’t know. Think Mr. Robot would come to a very quick demise. “Hello Mr. Robot. Meet Mr. Bat. Would Mr. Robot like a drink of water or perhaps soju. Here you go. Drink up. What’s that? ‘Tz Tz’. Are you burning up? Poor Mr. Robot. Have another drink. ‘Tzzz Puk!’. Oh no! Mr. Robot! What’s the matter. Mom! I think Mr. Robot is sick. I’ll try and wake him up (with the bat)! ‘Bam, bam!’ Wake up Mr. Robot! Wake up! ‘Bam, bam!’”

Yeah, the possibilities really are endless. Plus, I have to wonder if the English that the robot teaches will come from the same source as the English on road and business signs. It could be a perpetual bad English cycle.

There’s technology for ya. My 2-dollar alarm clock does the same thing.