Robot unveiled at Kyoto temple to share Buddha's religious teachings

Hope this comes to Taiwan. And speaks English.

Kōdaiji Temple

first robots replaced bartenders, now they are automating away monks.

Let Jane Share You How Buddhism Is Works.


This is why even monks will eventually need a universal basic income.

Doesn’t make sense. Why are they trying to take robots away from their core task of serving drinks?

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I wouldn’t mind a female robot Buddhist monk(ess?) serving me a nice cold Vodka while teaching me about the religion of her cybernetic ancestors.


Double :heart::heart:

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I wonder what an AI generated religion would look like

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Bloody hell. Robots got religion now?

Maybe Taiwanese would set it in fire as some twisted gesture of gratitude towards… Something.

I do worry about possible extensions of the “burning” concept sometimes.

Yeah, yesterday I worried specifically about cancer.

I was thinking of more immediate concerns.

Forgot something on the stove?

Probably also come up with many different religions to please all the different fallible human beings.

Be difficult to come up with one universal religion that makes everybody happy. And also makes atheists happy.

I thought they already had that. :thinking:

Japanese monks probably already have universal basic income but other sects, countries, temples, etc. probably don’t.

Well, the monks in countries that follow Theravada Buddhism receive alms. That seems a lot like UBI.