ROC citizenship w/ household registration

Hi all,

I was born in Taiwan to a Taiwanese mother and european father. My mother is an ROC citizen with household registration. Am I entitled also to full ROC citizenship? I will be going in 2 months time, and would like to know if I am eligible.

Regarding the military sevice in ROC. As I have already completed obligatory military service in europe, would this help me in any way to avoid conscription in Taiwan (male, 33yo)? Was a good experience, but don’t need to do it again!

Yes, you can get citizenship. Others will post shortly with details.

You also still have to do military service regardless.

Beware some European countries can void citizenship if you do military service for another country without getting permission first (e.g. Germany).

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Step 1 get a passport at TECO in your country
Look into TECO website in your country
Step 2 get a TARC
Step 3 apply for citizenship after at least 1 year stay in Taiwan

You will be subject of draft 1 year after you get a citizenship if you would live in Taiwan