ROC has 166 islands. Can they all be visited?

The ROC is comprised of 166 islands. Is it possible to visit all these islands, or are there any islands with restrictions, e.g. military personal only?

It should be, but would you convey that message to the PRC please?:smirk:

Why? Because PRC also claims most of them?

All of them.

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Could be a little difficult visiting the Military installations on a few. There are a lot of Islands , though

Do you know if there are any explicit limitations?

I would need to check, but there seems to be the possibilty of being run down by a Chinese Navy vessel if you go within 12 miles? It’s a good question though

I also noticed that most of the 90 islands that make up Penghu county don’t have a name on Google maps. Do they even have official names?

Even if you can visit, how would you get there? Some have no transportation and no inhabitants, and not even a 7/11, believe it or not.

I imagine a lot of them are just small rocks poking out of the ocean


Would it be possible for someone with good Chinese reading skills to find out if there is an official ROC list stating the names of each island?

Would be really greatful.

There is probably an international criteria for what is and what isn’t an island based on minimum size.


You could hire your own boat for the ones that are really far away, and potentially swim to the ones near bigger, more accessible islands.

You’re not planning on doing this, are you?

Note that this is the guy trying to get PRC citizenship…

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Sounds like a fun way to challenge yourself.

If at least most can be accessed by commercial boat I would give it a go.

I don’t want PRC citizenship, just because I asked a question about whether or not it’s possible, does not mean I plan or even want to do it.

Or get shot for being a suspected spy.

Many islands are simply not documented at all, and at least one is privately owned.

A better option might be to try and visit all inhabited ROC islands, all of those should be documented.

I might try and do that myself if you don’t mind.