ROC/KMT Generals

A post of a somewhat personal and private nature.

Over the years in the US, it’s not unusual to come across Taiwanese Chinese (or maybe more accurately, Chinese from Taiwan) whose parents or grandparents were involved in the Sino-Japanese and Chinese civil war. Many Chinese who came to the US who didn’t do so from Hong Kong, came through via Taiwan.

Here is the story of one Chinese General whose history was published in this Epoch Times article. It was forwarded to me by the General’s daughter who in his later years refused to acknowledge both the CCP/China and KMT/ROC. She says it’s quite a comprehensive (I suppose accurate as well) and readable story (if you can read Chinese).

One of the sad characteristics about Chinese people is their failure to acknowledge the past, failures, and/or other unpleasantness. There’s so much history that has been buried. We can’t learn from history if they’re buried.

Anyone who wants to translate it for the rest of the readers, please feel free to do so.