ROC nationality status for child of HK Chinese national


I was just curious to expand my options and see if there is a path to a ROC passport of some sort.

Basic info:

Mother: Chinese descent, Born in HK, HKSAR passport holder, considered PRC National in view of PRC but PRC claims she has settled abroad by earning Permanent Residency status in Singapore – From what I understand, ROC considers her to be a ROC national too?

Father: Singaporean of Chinese descent, solely Singapore Citizen

Me: Born in USA, US citizen, residency in Singapore, not a PRC national as mother settled abroad (Article 5 of PRC Nationality Law)

From what I understand, ROC considers my mother to be a ROC National and under Article 3 I would be a ROC National as I am a child of a ROC National at the time of my birth.

Has anybody had any experience dealing with this type of situation and if so what is the application process?

Thank you

You need a ROC passport of your lineal ascendant to get your ROC passport, so short answer may be you cannot be regarded as a ROC national.

Though, HK residents can be treated as non-foreigners.

Did you already read these laws?

Laws and Regulations Regarding Hong Kong & Macao Affairs

Act Governing Relations between the People of the Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area


and these instructions?

There might be a possibility.


第 25 條


第 24 條


第 6 條

Thanks for your reply.

From what I see, it seems that there are certain provisions for HK residents to get ROC NWOHR Passport as in the last post.

It seems like this clause of the criteria means that there has to be an exceptional ability or talent that is approved by the government. Does not seem easy to achieve in practice.

Could I possibly apply for a passport and see if I get rejected?

I guess it is important to add on that I am not a HK resident by ROC definition (The term “Hong Kong Residents” as used herein refers to persons who qualify for permanent residency in Hong Kong and who do not hold a travel document other than a British (Overseas) passport or a Hong Kong passport.) - [Laws and Regulations Regarding Hong Kong & Macao Affairs]

I guess the most significant proof of nationality would be my mother’s HKSAR passport/Birth Certificate, then my birth certificate showing our relationship. From what I see, I could apply for Overseas Compatriot Identification Certificate if I were a Permanent Resident of Singapore (but I am not). So, is there any other way to have a ROC issued proof of nationality?