[ROC Passport] Born in Taipei, with a ROC passport


Here’s my situation: I was born in Taipei, and came to Canada when I was about 4-years old with a ROC passport (but no birth certificate). I recently got my ROC passport renewed, and woud like to come to Taipei to teach english. I’ll probably be leaving Canada with my Canadian passport, and enter Taiwan using my ROC passport. Ideally, i’ll be using my ROC passport to land a job in Taipei and save myself from needing a work permit.

I’ve read from www.oriented.org that " to re-establish permanent residency in Taiwan, you will need to go to the local District Office once you enter the R.O.C. to update your Household Registration. In effect, this step leads to your re-establishing your R.O.C. citizenship. The next step will be to apply for your Taiwan ID Card, which is done at the same location. Processing time for the ID Card is usually seven business days or less. "

Once I arrive in Taipei… should i attempt to re-establish ROC citizenship and get myself a Taiwan ID card? What’s the pros? Also, could i just use a relatives address to update the household registration?

Is there anything else I should know?

Ok, I’m no expert but this is what I’ve figured out.

Two different situations:

1)You had a Taiwan ID card before. Pretty easy and straightforward. A re-establishing of residency, just like you found out.

2)You’ve never had a Taiwan ID card. This gets a little messy. I don’t remember the exact process but I don’t believe you’re eligible to obtain one until you’ve lived in the country consecutively for 355 days or so.

Without a Taiwan ID card, you’ll need to find a company that would get you an ARC to work (legally), making the job search a bit harder. With the ID, everything becomes much easier.