[ROC Passport] Going to Taipei Soon...Help!


I’m going to Taiwan on January 10th and I need some advice! Here’s my situation… I was born in Taiwan (but left when I was really early), have a ROC passport, but no Taiwan ID card. I’ll be using my ROC passport to enter into Taiwan… and i’m wondering how I can apply for a Taiwan ID card. Does anyone know the specific process?

I’m really confused on my ‘official status’ and what it means in terms of working legally in Taiwan. If it turns out I am still considered a foreigner and I need a work permit… Will it be enough if I get an organization to vouche with a letter saying that I’m going to be working in Taiwan? That should be my first step towards a work permit, right?


Man, I’ve seen hundreds of these kinds of posts on here lately. There must be a shipload of ABCs coming over here to find work(that would also explain the general increase in the number of foreigners I’ve noticed lately). I wonder if this is because of the economy in the US.

Hopefully these hordes will cause the government to reconsider their policy of just handing out an ID card to anyone who looks vaguely Chinese.


just come as a foreigner and get an ARC. As a local, you will be expected to know, do and file all kinds of shit, and all kinds of stupid authoritarian restrictive laws will apply to you. Why bother? Come on your foreign passport. You can apply for a work permit as soon as you land a job. Just make sure you get a visa for as long as possible. You’re better off as a foreigner than as a local…


Right! Let’s hope the gov’t only starts handing out ID cards to anyone who looks vaguely non-Chinese!


In the good old days of the internet, anyone waltzing onto a bulletin board asking for answers to questions which had been answered a million times before would be rudely flamed by the “regs”. Glad to see this tradition has not completely fallen by the wayside.

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