[ROC Passport] Help with docs for ROC Residency

After many runs to various departments to apply for ROC citizenship, I’ve finally found a site that could have helped me some time ago! But now, run into a dead end. Help!

In applying for residency, I’ve been asked to provide documentation that states I have no criminal record on file with the police in my home country. I asked AIT, but they don’t provide this type of documentation and they could only suggest going back to the States and visiting a police station to ask. Not likely in the next couple of months. Is there any central police bureau or department where I can call/email/write and get this taken care of instead? How have others gone about fulfilling this requirement??

Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi, I had the same problems to get some legal documents from my country too, at least to get those kind of police records in Spain you can make a legal copy of your passport in your embassy and authorize to a familiar or friend to get you those papers … and send you here.

May be you can get them like this. …if not pray …

the answer’ll be in the Clean Criminal Record Documentation forum.

There was something about a particular police dept in the States that issued them. Ferret through the threads . . . . . . California State Dept. of Justice, I believe . . . .