[ROC Passport] ROC Passport holder: Can I get an ARC?


I have an ARC… but have recently heard that if you were born in Taiwan and have an Overseas Chinese ROC passport (but never used), that there is an odd law where we must leave the country in the first 6 months of receiving our ARC (with our other passport).

And then, there is a rule where you must leave the country at least once or twice a year. Is this TRUE??


I suggest that you get together with a Chinese friend and go to the Bureau of Entry and Exit on GwangJou Street to inquire about the complete details.

Let us know what you find out!!


hey ed,

i am in a similar situation in that i have an roc passport (on which I entered) and a cdn passport. I am looking to get an ARC and have been informed that there is a clause in the roc law stating that the govt reserves the right to treat entry into taiwan with a foreign passport (and subsequently an ARC) in the same manner they would entry with an roc passport. this, of course, is a ludicrous law and i’ve heard that people are lobbying for this to be changed (though i am not sure how far they’ve gotten in this process. bless these fine crusaders for fighting the cause though.)

the snafu of all the scenario is this: to get out of this situation, you need to apply for your ROC ID and then you may be eligible to be drafted if you are a male under 40.

if you find some clear information with regard to what the situation is with this, please do post it as i am interested in getting to the bottom of this mess myself.

Richard - just wanted relay some gratitude your way. i asked about this situation in an earlier post and you refered me to Mr. Huang of the Parents Society of Overseas Students. he provided the infomation above. it doesn’t really resolve the situation for me but i am hoping that someone can come up with some concrete answers that make sense. I think the fact you are making yourself available to sort out some the “idiosyncratic” bureaucracies of the ROC govt laws and regulations is quite commendable considering that a lot of the rules are seemingly interpreted differently by each govt dept. and are for the most part incomprehensible. any further insight from you would be very much welcomed as well!

btw, what is the actual address of the Bureau of Entry and Exit that you posted?



I was wondering, which organization is lobbying for this change? Is it the PSOS ?

Also, if you do receive your ARC Murphy, isn’t that utterly ridiculous on TAiwan’s gov’t’s part to be contradicting themselves like that?


BTW, the “law” (June 1998) you brought up… I have heard about that before too. Do u know by any chance when it first started (before June 1998) or was June 98 the first occurrence?


Hi Ed, Murphy, I just posted a response in the other thread -“Using an American Passport…” - which I believe is related to this discussion.