ROC Passport with Foreign Residency Stamp

Hello guys, does an approved I-130 notice from the USCIS and a pending NVC case number qualify for a foreign residency stamp on my Taiwanese ROC passport with the TECO in Los Angeles? My passport is valid till 2018 and was renewed a couple times but I do not have the foreign residency stamp. I was brought to the US at age 10 and have never been back to TW. Born in 82. I’m afraid once I enter TW, I will be required to fulfill military duties even if it is a week or two for the U.S Greencard consular processing interview. Currently on F-1 Student visa. Any advice or information to this scenario would be much appreciated. Thanks. :bow:

I’m not familiar with some of the items you’re talking about (I-130, F-1 Student visa), but check out the Military Conscription sub-forum for more info that may be helpful.

Why not ask the friendly folks at TECO in Los Angeles?

I suggest calling TECO. Speak to them in Chinese it helps a lot.