Rock and Roll 8/26 Taiwan Beer '346' at the Brewery

26/Aug. 八月(Sun.星期日) 18:20-18:50 & 21:00-21:30

That’s right, we play two sets. Cheap fresh draft (80NT). Jazz band also playing. Taiwan Beer Basketball Team will be signing autographs if you’re into that kind of thing. Come get a CD. Maybe those guys can sign it for you.

台啤346倉庫上青嘉年華 Taiwan Beer Warehouse 346.

台灣啤酒建國啤酒廠Taiwan Beer Jian-Guo Berwery
台北市八德路二段85號No.85,Sec.2, Ba-De Rd.,Taipei
Enter the brewery grounds and follow signs to ‘346’. Can’t miss it. Ask smebody if you get lost. This place is a ragin party every night.

Here’s a link:

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