Rock bottom cost to start a business

The wall.

No, but you still have to file.

This one I don’t know. I charge GST on my (few) clients even though I don’t exceed the $100000 limit.

It doesn’t really matter if you pay or not pay GST. If your price is $10000. They’ll pay the $10500 and get their $500 back later.

Also, you can deduct against your payments if you make business expenses. Need a new PC? You can deduct what you pay next filing.

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Of what? I’m going to have a virtual office. I’ll have to stick it on my head.

You don’t really have to stick it anywhere to be honest. Haha.
It’s usually for stores.

BTW @SunWuKong, I can introduce you to my virtual office provider, she’s cheaper than other ones.

So, what I’m understand is that, in Taiwan, there no legal entity like a non-registered self-employed person dba My Name Widget Consulting, or independent contractor. You must be either a registered business or an employee.
And also no freelancers unless they register themselves as a business. That’s going to add extra problems because I would need to outsource some of the work.

AFAIK, legally. Yes. My CPA that I sent you can definitely answer that one for you.

Well… Freelancers are freelance employees. They still gotta pay their income taxes.

TF? So, if I wanted to hire one person to design one website one time and another to design the graphics, I’m now an employer of two people? And I have to deduct their income taxes and report or file or whatever that and health insurance and pay into their pension fund and have a big party and give them red envelopes at CNY?
The last one isn’t serious.

Or do you mean I would pay them for the work and they report it themselves as income?




Who doesn’t like parties?

I figured.

You still file payroll, but you can choose whether or not to deduct it now. They will have their reckoning come May.

Obviously, that will become an expense, lowering your net income and lowering your tax burden for yourself.

One thing to note, you’re not just hiring them. You’re also hiring YOU as well.

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Ok, what if I hired a freelancer from abroad (as in they are living abroad at the time)? Like a guy from Sweden to build the website.

If I do need a freelancer in Taiwan to translate something, I suppose that changes the simple setup for a one-person business I was hoping for.

There’s got to be a simpler way to hire someone as a one-off worker. I remember there’s a website in Taiwan for finding freelancers. Something like but for Taiwan. Maybe they were all registered businesses unto themselves, but it didn’t seem that way.

I don’t even want to understand that right now.

That one you should ask the CPA.

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Yeah, I think I’ll need to hire a consultant before I start consulting.

Highly recommend calling mine. That way he lets me keep wasting time asking the same questions you are asking now. Then I impart the knowledge.

I wouldnt be able to answer all this without him. I am just several years into my company and now I know things.

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You need to understand there are different rules for different company types. The small business types company types have very different rules, as does the higher corporation type. Taxes are different, as are basically everything past common sense.

Usually, most corporations own numerous small bussinesses to play the tax game .more efficiently. But that is insanely complicated and said conversations are better served offline.

Key points, but please read what was stated above…

You NEED a cpa to file 1 (ONE) step of paperwork. You are legally allowed to do everything else yourself. that is your right. If you dont know chinese, i suggest hiring a cpa for convenience, they are cheap and unless you scale up or are dealing in sensitive matters there is little risk. I know many people with companies that hire them for basic receipts/tax purposes. As a consultant, you can easily do it yourself. Thats on you. If you are selling/manufacturing loads of products, its a cost well worth paying! Lets use an average of 2k/month for cpa, plus their ultra retarded extra months fee (just up the price and use a 12 month cycle you mathematical rejects!). We paid 1800 for years. Then w switched to a taipei company and pay 2200 a month now.

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Depends on industry. But basically they can sign a form that says xx paid for xx job. Essentially a sub contract. We do this daily, but we are in manufacturing and agriculture, so not sure if that works in your field. For us, we do this because farmers have extra allowance for not paying income tax. As with other raw materials industries. Basically buying a set amount of product for a price, not paying for services. If you get my drift. This is common in taiwan.

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