Rock climbing in Longdong?

I was out around Longdong yesterday, which is supposed to be the best (or at least most popular) climbing spot around.

Is anyone familiar with this place?

Is there anywhere you can rent climbing equipment or do tours from Taipei?

Also, I was given a book, in English and Chinese, detailing all the different faces and climbs. Looks pretty good. Free to a good home (which means in exchange, you have to answer my above questions, and share the info contained within the book with any other climbers).

PS I’m not a climber myself, just trying to find out the info.


I’m not a climber, but I found these interesting photo pages while looking for pictures of Longdong:

Have been there but have not climbed there. Intend to do so this summer though.

Is there anywhere you can rent climbing equipment or do tours from Taipei?[/quote]

You can not rent gear there. The Y17 center (near CKS) has a climbing gym that is a good way to get started on rock climbing. They also do small excursions to outside climbing locations and I’m sure that Longdong is on their list of places they go. If you tag along with them all your gear and transporation problems would be taken care of (minus your shoes). Don’t remember the exact prices for one of these day trips but it was cheap. Other climbing clubs do excursions as well but the Y17 guys seems to be friendly and perhaps most suitable for newbies just looking to have fun on some rocks.

Do I get the book?