Rock in Taichung Festival December 3rd

[color=#FF0000]Tomorrow starts the annual “Rock in Taichung” Festival at 2pm.[/color]

Wensin Park, Taichung City Fulfillment Amphitheatre (台中市文心圓滿戶外劇場), 289, Wunsin Rd Sec 1, Taichung City (台中市南屯區文心路一段289號)

More than 80 bands will appear and a lot of them from Japan and Korea. So don’t miss it. Here is the link to the official website:

Samurai Attack 7.20 tomorrow should be spicy. Japanese punk bands always put on a good show.

thanks for the recommendation, I will be there :wink: do you know any other good bands there?

Cost? Me Chinese not that good yet…

well it was free :wink: