Rock/metal vocalist looking for bandmates (or a band to join)

Hey there. I searched but there doesn’t seem to be a thread dedicated to finding bandmates in Taipei/Taiwan, so here goes:

I’m a Taiwanese male singer who’s mostly into the 70s-90s rock/metal scene, like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Deep Purple, Journey, Mr. Big, Crimson Glory, Iron Maiden, Skid Row, King Diamond, Dio, Judas Priest, Steelheart, Whitesnake, Lost Horizon, Pantera, etc. By now you’d probably figure out that I’m into melodic singing. I don’t like to growl too much (I do growl for an effect when it’s called for), and yeah, I know I listed Pantera there but I ain’t crazy about every song they’ve put out as Phil does growl a lot.

And here’s a bit abt my experience: I’ve fronted a few cover bands in Tokyo, including Deep Purple (mostly mark II) and Black Sabbath (mostly Ian Gillian era, aka the underrated Born Again album; def check it out if you haven’t already), and have also covered a few rock/metal anthems from a wide array of acts. Now that I’ve moved back to Taiwan and haven’t done any projects/gigs since then, I’m looking for any projects that might fit my style. Or we can just jam and chill together. Originals is also OK, though my song-writing experience is quite limited.

I live in Taipei and do have a scooter, so I can travel a bit (but I prefer the greater Taipei area).

PM me for links, thx! Rock on \m/


If you need a guitarist, I’m interested! I’m mostly into power metal and prog, but I love 80s-90s metal too.


And just like that, Deep Formosa was born.

My woman from Green Island…


Deep Formosa? I like the sound of that lol. If I do manage to put up a new band, that should be its name. I’ll give you the credit.


Oh sweet, I’ll PM you now. And I love power metal and prog as well. 80s-90s metal rules!

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Awesome, welcome back and really hope you will succeed in finding/founding a new band!

Unfortunately, being entirely untalented musically, I can’t personally help in any way except for maybe as a groupie :metal:

I didn’t think melodic power metal was a thing in Taipei, but surprisingly many people attended for example gigs like Helloween & Stratovarius. My youth favourites Blind Guardian didn’t seem to attract many people here though, even they seem huge in Japan.


Thank you for the welcome & wishes :metal:

No prob, I’ll take any groupies along the way :smile:

I was actually never part of the metal/rock scene in Taipei/Taiwan, so I don’t really know what it is like here. Style aside, I hope it isn’t like Japan’s “pay-to-play” kind of deal. Glad to hear that Helloween seems to have a following here. Solid band for sure! Any live venue recommendations though? Sometimes it’s easier to find future bandmates offline in places like bars (tho that hasn’t been the case for me as yet)

The following have often been mentioned, I haven’t been to the wall yet, though:

  • Revolver
  • The Wall
  • Pipe
  • Legacy

Metal is like an extreme minority in Taiwan. Most Taiwanese won’t even touch it with a 8 foot pole… maybe that’s why they have signs like this:

Most Taiwanese that I see play guitar 99% of them all want to play whatever alphabet Taiwan bands that often tries to copy J or K pop bands.


Great album!

Deep Forumosa!


ikr. I’m not one of those Sabbath followers who know their entire discography (which is pretty lengthy!), but this album is definitely a hidden jam. Ian Gillan in his prime IMO. Hard to do justice to this demonic Deep Sabbath project.

It’s a shame that our Born Again project ended prematurely as our bassist lost his interest in this album, but I’m hoping to revive it at some point, somewhere. Disturbing the Priest and Born Again are my two fav tracks on it. Always loved singing these two.


Why not? That’s even better :smile:

LMFAO, you’re killing me! :rofl:

It’s sad to hear about metal being an extreme minority. For me, metal is cathartic and it requires a great deal of skills to pull off a metal song. We definitely have a whole lot of poppy songs here. Too many!

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Yeah yeah, Revolver! Haven’t been there for ages.

Thanks for the list, I’ll pop in one of these then. :metal:

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Believe it or not there’s a bigger metal scene in southeast asian countries like Malaysia and Thailand. Even though both of those countries are much more traditional than Taiwan. I have no idea why Taiwan became a “copy anything successful” kind of country.


I’ve noticed that too. Indonesia is also in the fold. Bands like Steelheart that are relatively on the lesser known (or less popular) spectrum in the West are somehow very huge in these countries. I guess they just have a DNA of rock and metal.

About Taiwan being a copy cat, I think we’ve been largely modeling after South Korea and Japan (esp the latter) when it comes to pop culture. That being said Japan’s music scene is still relatively diverse and they host huge rock-themed concerts every year (Fuji Rock for example), so it isn’t too bad there. I guess I was born in the wrong country, haha.

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Me either, basically it’s the first 4 albums and Born Again for me.

Cool, love em. Let us know if you’re ever going to sing them somewhere, I’ll be there. I love the whole side 1 if that makes sense to you, I’m an old timer :slight_smile: I still remember when my sister played the vinyl for me the first time with the sick cover :slight_smile: and loving the energy riffs of Trashed.

I am likely the least into rock (or most anything post-Bach) person here. Just dropped by to say that you sound like an interesting person and post well-formulated thoughts. Hope you stick around more and keep posting. We need more articulate posts like yours around here. Keep us updated of the band’s progress at least. Cheers!


I am an American from Chicago stuck in quarantine (my wife is from Taiwan) but when I get out, I play guitar and sing mostly Alt Country and Classic Rock, I would love to go busking if you can sing on the street. Bands like Whiskey Myers, Blackberry Smoke, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Turnpike Troubadours, Replacements, Social Distortion, etc. I love Metal too but a lot of young guys (I am older) are just screaming and hitting the drums too fast. Keep me in mind if I don’t go The Shining in the next two weeks.