Rock'n'Roll Gods

Hi, haven’t found much info. I’m new to Taiwan, Taipei specifically. I want to get something together.

Know any good hangouts or resources for musicians looking to write and play out?

I play guitar, harmonica, tambourine, shitty piano, loops, crappy hand claps, obsolete trombones, and sing.

I like good music. If you’re unsure, look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself “what is good music?” We probably have the same answer.

Like minded individuals, please respond. Or if you’re in the know, help a brother out. I haven’t got culture shock, but not playing with a group will become a serious issue soon.

Thanks for humoring me.

go to the gigs, and meet the guys !

check the wall, the underworld, taipei metal and other festivals (UNknown species, fulong, spring scream or whatever)