Rockstar: SuperNova

Personally, I don’t think this will be as good as the INXS show, but we will see. I was hoping for Rockstar: Queen.

New Rock Star search launched
23 March 2006

NEW YORK: Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted and one-time Guns N’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke have formed a new band called Supernova, and will use a CBS reality show to find a singer.

The series, carrying the working title of Rock Star, will premiere this summer. Once a singer has been selected, Supernova will record an album for release in the fall. A world tour will follow in early 2007.

Last fall, Rock Star debuted to low ratings as a talent search for a new INXS frontman. With winner J.D. Fortune in tow, the Australian group has revived its career with a new album, Switch, and an extensive tour. INXS will return to the road April 21 in Memphis.

Guitarist Dave Navarro and actress Brooke Burke will return as the hosts of the Mark Burnett-produced show. In a statement, Navarro promised appearances from Slash, Macy Gray, Moby and Rob Zombie during the competition.,2106,361 … 60,00.html

I wouldn’t think it’d be anything close to the INXS version, but the stars sound solid. I’ll give it a shot.

Oh god, i hope Dave Navarro decides to wear a shirt.

I’m torn. An appearance by Moby? That sanctimonious fuck is enough to put me right off the whole series. But Rob Zombie and Slash? Kinda make up for it.

The show is into the second week and is shaping up to be better than I thought.

It’s got a totally different feel to Rockstar: INXS as the judges/band are being more direct about what they like, or more specifically what they don’t like.

For those without starworld, you can watch it from the web via the site

So predictions?
My picks for top 3 are:

I think Lukas has the potential, but has an opinion of himself that is right into space. I think he is a dick that has studied JD’s approach too closely.

I think Josh has got an incredible voice…really awesome. But I think Toby has got more of the x factor they are looking for, but we will see how Josh shapes up.

Why the hell would they invite some jism skuller like Moby to the show, he’s no rocker…They may as well invite Barry fucking Manilow to sing ‘Smack my bitch up’. Actually, I’d like to see that!
I think the Aussie guy is good, the blonde chic isnt too hard on the eye either.

It all remains to be seen. Talent aside, I think it’s really hard for any of the women to fit in with this group. The best so far has been Dilana, but she looks a little worn and her 2nd performance, “Ring of Fire” didn’t do it for me. “Lithium” was great though. I think they’re looking for that. Some of songs they have to sing are kind of lame, but I guess it’s up to them to make them work. I mean, really. How can anyone do The Stones, but Mick Jagger himself. “Satisfaction” is a great song, but give me a break. “I can’t get no”

If any of the women go far, it might be Dana. She has a good voice and has the potential to look really sexy/raunchy.

These singers don’t look the part.

I watched some of the INXS one after seeing Supernova, but I can’t really get into it. INXS are more pop than hard rock.

Zayra’s yummy, but what the hell is that?

Damn, could Tommy Lee get any hotter?
I like Lucas’ rockstar get-up the most, but he’s too unfortunate-looking for me. I also like the girl with the really low voice who did the Cash song, but I also think that a female singer wouldn’t really do for Supernova. I like the more haggard-looking quality of some of the ladies, as that will at least fit with the rest of the band in terms of style and background.
Come on…I was in diapers when that came out?! When’s that cow going to leave?
Right now, I don’t really have much of a sense for the different artists yet, but I’m enjoying the show.


I want Dilana, to win but I think Lukkas will. Im already tired of his voice. including the ‘new voice’.

I think they should axe everyone and pick the rapping granny from “America’s Got Talent”.

Gilby Clarke can sing…why do they need a singer?

I hate the music Supernova has made so far…I hate the name too…Supernova…doesnt sound like rock at all. And what was that stupid whoopdeedoo song the poor buggers had to write lyrics too? Dilana really wrote the stupidest lyrics! She is great, love the South-African accent, but getting way too opinionated now. Lukas…man, someone get that boy ritalin…but he has a good chance. I was SHOCKED that I enjoyed ZayraZaheeras performance this week.

I doubt that they will choose a girl though…I dont even know why they bother putting them on the show. Maybe they should have a rockstar:L7.

Patrice’s singing annoys me. “Superkarma’s gonna get youah”. Tommyhawk the mommy dog.
Zayra looks good in a cat suit. She’d be good in some MMMF group action. If she doesn’t do anything different with a rocking voice, she’s out pretty soon. If she hasn’t done it yet, it probably won’t be done.
Toby should’ve been on “Rockstar INXS”. A megaphone? Annoying.
Ryan’s “Paint It Black” was… well… He messed up the lyrics and the feather thing? And he uses the same voice as when he was playing the piano. Nah.
Dilana can put on a good show. I didn’t like her “Baba O’Riley” voice. What is she? 50? Ixnay on atthay.
Storm is pretty good. And she’s hot. She needs some good, rockin’ performances though. She needs to do something different.
Magni was good accoustically. Hes’ kind of lame though. We’ll see what he does this week. Needs more crazy rock.
Lukkas is the front runner. I think his second last performance where he forgot the lyrics and sang with his back to them was on purpose. We’ll see what he does, as well. I’ve liked most of his performances. “Let’s Spend the Night Together” was probably his best.

Some of the songs they have to do seem ridiculous. With that though, I think they should be taking some of these pop-oriented songs and doing something rockier with them. They’re not all doing that.

I think Ryan will win.

Lukas will come 2nd.

Lukas sucks. Ryan can’t move. Storm is Large.

Deleted because I’m a didlo.

Lukas could very well be one as well. They should call it “Rock Star Didlo”.

Is that good or bad? :s

Is that good or bad? :s[/quote]

I was a drunk didlo when I posted that.

Or I should say, I pulled a Mel.

Comes down to one thing: Lukas. They’ve already picked him. Supernova would suck without him.

I’ll go as far to say that Supernova asked him to hold back.

Their performance with Dilana sucked. What a shitty song. Lukas would make it better.

Doesn’t take a band over 2 months of auditions to figure out who their lead singer’s going to be. It’s all just TV ratings now and watching some people perform.

You will see just how good Lukas is.