Rockstar: SuperNova

i think lukas looks out of place. tommy and gilby still have what it takes to be rocking but the other guy is a dud… and i just dont think luka (or any of them for that matter), have what it takes. most of the guys should have auditioned for rockstar inxs… they would fit in better there.

rockstar supernova need a tall skinny madman up front, Scott Weiland style. All the contestants are too weak. Lukas is too short and looks like he is going to cry whenever he isnt on stage. :slight_smile:

I’d agree. Lukas is a MEGA brat without respect for anyone. He’s simply a dick, and I will be very surprised if the band doesn’t figure that out.
He’s an ugly bastard too, which has made him stand out as being a contender so far.
I reckon Gilby is the most switched on out of the band. He knows what he’s doing. Tommy is a wired good time guy who knows what he likes. I think Jason has got too much to say and I don’t really like his style much.

I am a little sceptical about Supernova. Is it really a band? I mean INXS were a real band, really looking for a singer. I wonder if “Rockstar” wasn’t around, if SuperNova would really exist at all - it’s probably a band put together out of hype with a plan to release and album and do a tour and that will be it.

I think the best commercial voice was Josh, he’s gone. But in fairness, he wouldn’t have suited Supernova anyway.

Magni has got the potential to rise to the job, but keeps getting in the bottom 3.

Toby has been less than impressive lately, and I think his whole persona off stage is what lets him down. He’s not ‘cool’ enough, he just tries to turn on the coolness on stage, and reverts to his high pitched Aussie quips the rest of the time.

Dalana is really hungry for it, but I reckon her trashy, worn out party girl image is something she should think about dropping if she is serious. Her attempt at writing lyrics should have set of some serious alarm bells…what a joke.

I still think Ryan has got a good shot, althought I feel he really brings ‘Coldplay’ to the band, which might be his downfall.

I do agree with the above post in that there really isn’t a sure winner in this. INXS had 2 or 3 singers that seemed to fit the mold, and it was a mtter of choosing. It seems Supernova will end up selecting the closest fit for the job, not necessarily a singer that fronts their band like they are expecting.

Although you may have some good points, I think Lukas fits in quite well. About whether he’s a brat or not, I don’t really know. We just know what they show us, and it doesn’t seem he’s all that bad of a guy. He’s got a huge portfolio and has worked with some really big names in the past.

That being said, I don’t really see where Supernova is going. They should just stick with heavy metal. That song with Dilana smelled bad. Sauteed in wrong sauce, so to speak.

Really? But what about his poor boy on the streets living in a dumpster story?

Supernova seem more rock to me… and Lukas is too glam rock. Gilby is a serious muso with mucho cred… I still cant see him working with any of them.

You might be thinking of what’s his name from the INXS show.

[quote]Lukas Rossi, born December 21, 1976, is a Canadian musician and singer from Toronto, Ontario and currently a contestant on the CBS show Rock Star: Supernova.

Lukas trained at the Royans School For the Musical Performing Arts (whose voice-students include Raine Maida from Our Lady Peace). Lukas has recorded, written, produced and played with his own band Cleavage, as well as co-written, sung and played with various Canadian bands, including I Mother Earth, Tea Party, Edwin and Big Wreck, as well as American band Papa Roach. He also worked with producer and Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson, after winning the ‘Best Canadian Unsigned Band’ award at the 2000 NXNE Music Festival in Toronto with his band Cleavage. On May 29th, 2001, Cleavage’s 6-song debut CD, self-titled Cleavage, was released.

After acquiring a publishing deal with EMI Music Canada in 2004, Lukas worked and wrote with producer Dave Tyson (Alannah Myles & Amanda Marshall) in Los Angeles. After that, he recorded demos with producer Gavin Brown (Billy Talent, Three Days Grace), leading to the formation of the band Rise Electric.

Lukas also contributes vocal work for television and radio, singing on national ad campaigns (including McDonald’s) and even animated cartoons during which he sings the intro song to the shows Rescue Heroes and Beyblade.

Rossi has a strong resemblance in dress, mannerisms and singing style to Hawksley Workman, another flamboyant Toronto-based singer who is known for his unusual promotional stunts.

He’s been pertty much at the #1 spot since the show started. He’s very good at producing and I think he’s holding back a bit. I’m pretty sure he’s been asked to. With anyone else, Supernova will be fail. He has a lot more to give them than the others.

But, who knows?

I specifically remember them talking about Lukas once living on the street…blah blah blah. SOunded just like JD. Maybe it’s a canadian thing…

Our streets are so clean you can live on them.

you’re not wrong…well what I have seen in BC anyway. They are damn wide too and oddly enough FULL of taiwanese driving like model citizens…but I digress…

whoah… jingles for macdonalds… ahem, loads of cred right there

McDonalds. Supernova. What’s the difference? Supernova sounded like McDs the other night. I’ll bet Rotten Ronnies paid him well for it.

McDonalds. Supernova. What’s the difference? Supernova sounded like McDs the other night. I’ll bet Rotten Ronnies paid him well for it.[/quote]
Your are right. I ragged on everything else, but forgot to rag on that lame song.

Sounded like an overdriven line-dancing song. :noway:

I’m going to watch it again. Just to see how bad it was.

Ok. Just watched it again. “Aw c’mon dah, dah…” What that fuck was that? Sass Jordan? Geez.

This version sounds a little better:

What’s with the strippers? Didn’t Gilbey say something to that short, blonde chick (oh yeah, Jill) about being too cheesy with the grinding? Pretty fucking hypocritical. Duh.

I’d like to see someone quit. Might do their career good.

I absolutely hate the music that they are giving the poor humbugs to work with. They should have stayed retired. I’d much rather remember whatshisface from his Metallica days…he looks like Lyle Lovet now!!! ugh!!!

Lukas will propably get it…sad to say, but then again, sad band so far. :unamused:

Yeah. No doubt. Gilby Clarke kicked out of Guns N’ Roses. Jason Newsted kicked out of Metallica. I can see why? Gilby seems like pompous ass and Newsted is a nerd. Even Tommy Lee told him to shut up one night.

I watched the INXS one after Supernova started. That was funny. Most of them didn’t even look like they wanted to sing INXS. I, for one, didn’t want to hear INXS either. That dreadlock girl just gave up and that black dude “I love INXS. What are their songs? You don’t lilke black people. Boo hoo!” What a pansy.

There haven’t been many more winners on Supernova except for about four of them. I guess more than INXS, but Supernova had some real losers like Jenny, Zayra.

All being said, it’s enjoyable enough to watch as a TV program. I just hope that Supernova doesn’t play any more crap.

Rock n roll died the day they said it never would.


Ok then let’s just say it lost something. Or gained something, geriatric sentimentality maybe. … E&index=12