Rocky 6 Looking to Be Pimp

I was wondering what kind of story they’d muster up to make it good. When I first heard they were making it I thought “Uh, oh. Some sell out crap,” but now looking at the preview I think differently.

Best quote: “So what we’ll be calling on is blunt… force… trauma. Lets start building some hurtin’ bombs.”

I’ll be buying a ticket.

Stallone created, in Rocky, one of the greatest American heroes to grace the silver screen. An archetypal underdog who isn’t polished or obviously smart, but has a heart of gold and a doggedness that conquers all self-doubt. Yes, I know that the plot of each of the movies is written along the lines of a junior high school morality play, but I’ve never minded. Any American man who claims to be unable to identify in some way with Rocky is lying to himself.

The Rocky films, especially Rocky I and III, along with a few other Stallone vehicles like First Blood and Copland, fully redeem the uglier films he’s put out.

I’m also curious to see what the fittest man in America looks like at the age of 60, aren’t you?


Rocky I was great, III okay; the rest, like all the Rambos except First Blood, simply sucked (and that’s only because it was shot in Hope.)

Oh no… enough is enough.

[quote]The actor Sylvester Stallone has been charged with importing a banned human growth hormone into Australia.

He was stopped by customs officials at Sydney airport last month after the banned substance was allegedly found in his luggage.

Stallone, 60, flew into Australia to promote his latest film, Rocky Balboa.
The 60-year-old actor was not in court to hear the charge against him.

He is thought to be in Thailand, where he is making his fourth Rambo film. [/quote]
He was SO BIG in Rocky VI, I suppose growth hormone was a given, but another Rambo? Just stop it. Rocky VI was enough to reclaim a bit of respect. Chances of pulling off the same with Rocky VI?