Rocky's Spot

I’ll be trying Rocky’s Spot when in Tainan.

Rocky’s Spot 洛基早午餐

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I will go and try, near the Uni and nice French Cafe Google Maps (Don’t eat French here often even if its good as it’s expensive a meal can be over $3000). Cheaper Coffee cafe near
Google Maps

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Another nice french cafe (though this is just a cafe, has panini, sandwiches and some cakes) can be found here:

À Table L’Épicerie

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Also looks great (Thanks, great find !). Good prices and nice sandwiches on the menu, I will have to visit. Too many good places in Tainan. Great prices as I can eat here 20 times compared to one meal at the other one.

No problem!

I found it by accident when I was getting my Jeep repaired, I had an hour or so to kill and just looked up “coffee shop” :slight_smile:

We warned though, they don’t do iced coffee! I was told no real French person would accept that, haha. A shame I didn’t know that before I walked 30 mins in the sun to get there! :grimacing:

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