Role-playing a.k.a World of Darkness etc in Taipei?


Looking for people to enjoy some role-playing together with here in Taipei. I usually play World of Darkness but I am all game for trying some new things if no one does that anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

Please write here on contact me through mail:


I answered on the Facebook wall too… I’m a fan of WoD, specially of the old stuff (WoD 2.0 has some good stuff, but it has lots of bad stuff, too, and I was running a WoD 1.3 -3rd edition- campaign for 10 years, so I’m more familiar with the first batch of games). I couldn’t bring all my books here, but it’s OK, I have nice backups in PDF, much lighter and more compact than my RPG books… I would have needed at least two shipping pallets to bring my RPG stuff here.

It would be nice to gather some more people (3 or 4 more) and do some WoD stuff… Either that, or use some other interesting games (I’m old school, mostly, I have enjoyed my Advanced Marvel super-heroes, my Cyberpunk 2020 or my Buck Rogers games from time to time…)

when I finally move to Taiwan in a year or so, I would love to become part of a role-playing group. I love WOD (even though I don’t get much chance to play), and I participate in fantasy larps in my area. I’m worried about that I won’t find an outlet for my analog rpg interests when I get to Taiwan

If all goes according to the plan, we’re going to start playing WoD this next weekend. I hope a year from now we’ll be still taking names and kicking arses. :smiley: