Roleplaying books for sale!

After 4 years of bringing “just a few more” roleplaying books back to Taichung every time we go back home, we have accumulated quite a few here. Knowing first hand how hard it is to get books here (and how expensive it is to have them shipped here) we have decided to offer them to the poor RPG-book-deprived foreigners of Taiwan.

We have gone through our books and identified the ones that we can replace in the USA. We are selling these books for what it will cost us to replace them once we get home. So, if you want to buy them from us without having to pay for intenational shipping, they are available. We are in Taichung, but can ship to whereever (at your expense, of course).

We also have a bunch of other books for sale. Check out the list here: … -sale.html
The RPG books are at the bottom.

Happy gaming!