Romantic night marred by petty theft

Original Title: An unfortunate incident

Hello: I am writing to tell an unfortunate incident I had two nights ago. I went to Brass Monkey this past Thursday on Ladie’s Night (Jan. 14). I met a guy who claimed he is Italian-Mexican. He came with a group of friends including a French exchange student, two Americans, and two Canadians. That night was the French exchange student’s 25 birthday. I spent a night with the Italian Mexican and the next day found the money in my wallet was gone. It is about 7000 nt dollars.

I am very disappointed that a seemingly romantic night turned out to be such an unfortunate incident. I also feel stupid to trust a guy like this. This is also the first foreigner that causes problems for me. Just to share the information to the women who are interested in foreign guys. Beware of this guy - he is a thief.

If you’ve been robbed why didn’t you go to the police? They’ll help you and atleast they’ll have him on their records and if he ever does sth. like this again, it will show up. You really should go to the authorities. Of course they’ll tell you to be careful about your belongings around perfect strangers. But they may help get back the money.

Go to the police. There cant be that many people who are Italian-Mexican who just helped a French exchange student celebrating his 25th birthday who was at the Brass Monkey at a certain date and spent the night with you at a certain place.

Sorry for your sad experience.

Sure you didn’t drop it in the taxi?

Fucking total strangers from sleazy bars is dangerous, not romantic. 7000 grand is cheap for that lesson. Did you take him to your apartment? Check the windows are closed in case he opened them while you were asleep so he can come back later. Not lecturing you, but you seem young and not very streetwise - please take better care of yourself in future?

If he really did it, then the information you posted about him is probably untrue - he would have lied as he is easily traceable through that info.

Also, he seems to be targetting Taiwanese girls, so perhaps you should post this in Chinese, on a local ‘ladies’ forum to help them out? By ‘foreign guys’, you mean ‘not Taiwanese’? I assume that by posting it on a ‘foreign guys’ website, you have a particular outcome in mind, other than venting your spleen against ‘foreigners’?

If a crime takes place, you go to the police. Or deal with it yourself. Self-publishing has a lot to answer for.

I am a grow-up women. I am pretty upset about what happens. I Know this incident will be hard to provide proof. That is why I do not go to the police. It is also very embarrassing, too. I know this guy knows the weakness of the whole situation. That is why he did it. Post the story is the only way I can do so far. I can keep quiet and pretend nothing has happened. But I am pretty sure he will do it again. He steals my money while I was taking shower. I kept the door open when I was taking shower. He came to close the door and told me it is cold.

I know you must be angry, but you just have to suck it up as the price of experience, if you won’t go to the police. Venting to strangers on the internet won’t do any good and may do guys who are not connected with this harm. You’ve given a very general physical description, and it’s unlikely that any of the stuff he told you was true.

Please look after yourself in future; the next one might hurt you or clean out your entire apartment, or attack or steal from the people you live with. Be safe.

C’mon, it’s the oldest trick in the book with pros from Bangkok to Brazil. My feeling is that her posting it here is a very smart move. If he was hanging out with French and Canadian nationals, maybe her post here will somehow filter back to the guy and make him realize that people are onto his game. A public service anouncement to warn potential victims. If she wanted more she would have named names and posted a lot more detail. And Josefus is right; this guy is just a common petty thief, which pisses me off to no end, because he is just another selfish laowai taking advantage and making the rest of us look bad.

Sorry to hear about your experience. He’ll be at it again soon, that’s for sure. Drop a note with the doormen/ bar staff at the Brass Monkey, Carnegies, Brown Sugar etc. with a description of this guy, and ask them if they see this guy leaving with a girl to whisper a “be careful with your money” in the girl’s ear.

Assuming the OP’s telling it straight, what a shitty thing to do! Hopefully someone that knows the man will know the score and some form of appropriate justice be awarded accordingly.


There are so much doubt. I have to go back my memory to rethink what happened. It is no fun at all. I surely will wirte a story in Chinese someday, including the response from the guy above. I have no intention to intrude your territory. I am been in a shock to see the doubts and questions. It is far beyond I could think of. Thanks for some kind reponses.This will be my last mail.

I am very sorry this happened to you. I hope this man puts the money he stole from you toward a plane ticket out of Taiwan. You seem like a nice, strong woman and this guy is just a creep. Stealing is wrong to begin with, but stealing money this way…

I believe your story but for a lot of reasons I don’t think that posting this thread in the way you did was a good idea. Not for you or for anybody else.

I hope that this forum hasn’t left you with a bad impression of foreigners. You see the problem with us is, we think too much. We can’t just take a statement at face value, we need to analyse it for the pros and cons, the underlying meaning and intention. And yes, I do mean that facetiously.

I bet though that you have received more fairness and helpful comments on this forum than you would have on a Taiwanese site.

I for one think you are probably telling the truth, your story sounds plausible although it seems now that we will never know as you will not post any more and the alleged perpetrator hasn’t turned up to present his side of the story. If he is guilty as charged, he will likely get his come-uppance soon or later. As for you, you will get over it, it’s really nothing in the big scale of things. I was ripped off for a very large sum of money by a scamster who took advantage of my love for my son. It was very traumatic and hurtful. But I am getting over it now.

Anais, good on you for taking the time to warn others of your misfortune.

Don’t let those skeptics out there deter you from doing the right thing.

i believe her.

As soon as I read the he’s Mexican I knew who this guy is.

He has as much Italian in him as Mugabe does.

And I wouldn’t lend him last weeks Taipei Times.

Whether he stole the money is one thing, but I’ve heard more than a few who have claimed the same minus the sexual contact.

I’m sure he is barred from some of the foreign bars for running up bar bills and not paying.

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Smart move and Well worded :bravo:

Thanks Divea, but I was a little slow in my response.

I appreciate and affirm Anais’ right to tell her story, but I’m reluctant to have anyone cast aspersions on any private individual’s reputation. It certainly makes her story less titillating, but gossip-mongering shouldn’t be something that we encourage here.

Well looks like she got screwed in at least two ways. CAveat emptor, YMMV and all that. WAtch who you associate with, especially in such an intimate manner. Some people dont even survive such encounters so she got off pretty easy all things considered.