Ron Paul on Bill Maher show

This is a nice post-Republican candidate debate interview with Ron Paul.

Ron Paul on the Bill Maher show

As usual, Maher pulls no punches:

He brings up a very good point that those who were initially asking “Why do they hate us?” got shouted down very quickly due to the burgeoning surge towards the Right after 9-11.

Why, they hate us for our freedoms! :laughing:

Seriously, just in case anyone didn’t know, please read why Osama Bin Laden attacked us (in his own words). You probably may not agree with it, but to not peek would be ignorance. … 25,00.html

This is another video of Ron Paul in the debates:

Here’s another video of Ron Paul… including his perspectives on Taiwan.
See 2:40 through 3:20 in this video.

I don’t think he has a chance in the Republican party.
But interesting, ROC and PRC is a civil war, no point in getting involved if PRC invades ROC.