I’m currently fostering this dog. Challenging but fun too…right now he’s very scared and snappy towards other dogs, but already better after a couple of days.

Poor wee thing. What happened to his legs?

not sure. By the way his legs are curved exactly the same way it may be that he was malnourished as a pup and it made the bones grow like that…or some disease. Who knows…propably not an accident.

here are some pictures of him:)

Roo is doing great. I’m waiting for a wheelchair to come from the US so that he can join us for walks. He refuses bandages and socks on his legs, and the padding breaks when he walks outside in the street. I carry him to the park nearby and he loves what is left of the grass in my yard:)

I don’t make money from youtube vids. I don’t have that kind of an account.

Why don’t AnimalsTaiwan set up an account where you can make money off the doggie videos? People always like to watch cute doggie videos. And all the money could be used for helping more dogs. Or buying new grass.

you can’t just set up an account like that anymore. Youtube contacts you and asks you if you want an account like that. Maybe when you have a video that receives a certain amount of hits you qualify to do it.

[quote=“Battery9”]here are some pictures of him:)


He’s a good looking lad alright. I’m wondering though does the dog directly behind him has some problems with his legs too?

:slight_smile: That is TuDou. I thought so too, but I guess it’s just because he’s like a million dogs mixed into one. Big head and tail, huge front paws, small hind paws…super long body. I think his front legs look like those Hush Puppy legs, and some Dachunds. He’s a sweeeeetheart!! Looking a lot better than when he was found.

Awwww he’s a doll. Look at those eyes. I’d take him if I didn’t have 3 of my own (plus a cat) right now.
how’s he doing now?

Roo is doing great. When he first came here he didn’t allow any of my dogs to go near him. He growled and barked and snapped. After he figured out that there is no need to do that he became better. Sometimes I still worry when the puppy sits on him, but he hasn’t done anything. He is a little different. He doesn’t play…he’s pretty quiet. He loves coming over to where I am, standing up on his hind legs and pressing his head against me. But when another dog comes over he runs away.

He is very agressive to dogs outside. When I take him for a walk he wants to attack any dog he sees. I’ve asked a couple of people to let him socialize a bit…and he does get better after a while. I guess being disabled has had to make him one tough cookie to get around on the streets/wherever he was.

Whenever we go for walks he comes to the front gate and tries to squeeze through with us. But he can only walk for a little bit before he stands up and looks at me.(that means pick me up) So I have to take him out alone. He can walk very fast, but the padding on his legs break from the gravel. He really is a softy though. I know in time he will be OK with all dogs.

we went for a 40 minute walk today!!!He still hops like a kangaroo.