Room 18 or plush

anyone go to room 18 or plush? does room 18 stil lhave the ABC night on Sat ? or was it just in the summertime?

any girls or guys hehe…know of DANIEL The bartender from room 18…he is the hottest asian guy i have ever seen in my life…and my friend said that he can’t be taiwanese be cause he’s so hot…hahaha maybe i should post a picture of him here since i took a picture of him when i was there in the summer…hehe i know shame on me…
please no flaming!! :smiley:DDD

Been to Plush two weeks back. Didn’t like it, too loud (must be getting old … :wink: ) and not my kind of music anyhow.
Some celebreties hanging out there, too, saw Jennifer Chen (the billard pro) and I think the guy running the place is some actor or TV presenter.